4 Stylish Ways to Wear your Hijab – pix and how to’s right here!

    Oh Muslima! Bored with the current style of your hijab? Or you are a new hijabi? Check this out! The hijab style in this photo is …

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aMuslima how to wear square hijab
Trendy and modest hijab


Oh Muslima!

Bored with the current style of your hijab? Or you are a new hijabi? Check this out! The hijab style in this photo is trendy yet still a modest way of wearing the square style hijab.

Today we will show you 4 hijab styles that you can try at home alone OR with friends! We like doing the hijab swap then try different hijab styles! So, let’s be modest but NOT BORING! :)



Basic Hijab Style – Starting point!

Step 1 putting on the bonnet as the base of the hijab


Clip your hair with the hair clip (better using a big hairclip to make a good shape of the headscarf) place it behind your head parallel to the top

Cover your hair with the inside head cover / bonnet.  if you do not have, soon you will be able to purchase on our site!  But in the meantime you can use a snow cap, headband, or handkerchief– until it covers  your ears.

Fold the veil into a triangle shape.


Step 2 placing the hijab on top of the bonnet
Step 2 placing the hijab on top of the bonnet

Place the triangular veil on your head so that the right veil (ear) is longer than the left. The length of the left is enough to be pulled toward the bottom of your right ear.

Pull the left side to the right to cover the neck. In order not to shift, the veil can be tied using a needle/pin.

So, below is the 1st Hijab Style: 

aMuslima Step 4 adjusting the right longer part of the veil
Hijab Style #1


It becomes a simple basic hijab by pulling the long side of the veil (the longer one) from right to the left starting from the bottom up to the back of the head.  Secure the veil top with a safety pin, and on the right side affix with a beautiful broche.

Below, we are going to get funky and fancy!  We will highlight our hijab with another color.  This style looks difficult but its really just enhancing the basic style / Hijab style #1.

Check it out!



Using two headscarves

 Wear first veil like the basic way but remove the broche (Hijab Style #1 above)

Hijab Style #2 amuslima
Hijab Style #2. Draping another complimentary scarf over the basic one.

Use another veil with different colour that match to the first veil. Fold the veil in triangular shape and fold again until it shapes like a wide tie.

Place the second veil to the head, left side is a little bit longer than right. Tie on the bottom of the head. Let the first veil out from the knot.



amuslima Hijab Style #2 - step 2
amuslima Hijab Style #2 - step 2


Take the first veil and pull it to the top left over the white additional scarf. Secure with safety pins.





muslim women hijab style 2
Hijab style #2 - complete!


Secure hijab with safety pins.





Now, some more modifications to the hijab.  As a Muslima it is good practice to cover the chest.  With the triangle hijab this proves difficult however with some additional scarves it is doable in a nice fashionable way.

muslim woman hijab style #3
Hijab Style #3, covering the chest.


If you want to cover your chest, stretch the left of the second veil and wrap your shoulder and chest with it, secure the scarf by using safety pins or a broche.  You can also adjust the length of the second veil before you secure it.  







Style #4 the Flower Design (Wardha)

muslim woman hijab style #4, the flower hijab style
STEP 1: Style #4 the flower hijab style

In continuation of style #3, we are now doing up our hijab and making it into a flower.  To do this we need to go back to style #3 and release the left of second veil, pull one part of it to the top right of your head and secure with pin – this is step 1.


amuslima Hijab Style #4 - step 2
Step 2: Style #4 the flower hijab style


Now pull up the white veil and “srunch” it up while pinning each arrangement. It should look like the image to the left or like a curly flower, secure each “flower” using a pin.


muslim woman  Hijab Style #4 - step 3
Step 3: Style #4 the flower hijab style


Hijab Style #4 (how it looks from the back of head)

Now, your beautiful head scarf has done.

Share with us your pictures on your own hijab do-up!




Designed by Farahdi Centre, Indonesia

Model: Hanifa Azka

Edited by UmmZaytun 



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