10 Side Business Ideas For A House Wife

10 Side Business Ideas For A House Wife

Organizing all of the household affairs, such as providing food, assisting children in studying, washing / ironing clothes, cleaning the house, or many more domestic tasks are the duty of a wife. All of this of course is also part of worship to Allah the Creator. However, there is nothing wrong if we as women play a role not only as a wife and a mother of our children, but also that of an income earner so that we do not rely solely on our husbands’ monthly salaries. We can utilize our spare time doing valuable activities.

If you are not allowed to leave the house because you have small children, or if there is a problem of transportation then you should develop a strategy for eliminating boredom in the house. Whatever your reasons, if you are forced to be at home most of the day, you should consider earning an extra income as something constructive to do. This can be obtained by working at home or by running your own business.

So how can you make extra money from home?

1. Selling your writing skills

The internet has changed everything and you can more easily become a freelance writer. Obviously, the better your ability to write, the greater the rates. If you want to work from home as a freelance writer or write a book, you can start by writing on other people’s blogs, commenting on other people’s posts, by building networking circles among writers and bloggers, and by learning  from successful bloggers. You can write on various topics that may be in accordance with yours and others concerns, about your favorite things, your skills or your experiences. But yes, you need to have perseverance and a high commitment to becoming a writer. Not everyone may like your writing, but you must do your best to always produce the best results.

Education promotion at  my home  10 Side Business Ideas For A House Wife EMI Promotion at Home

Education promotion at my home

2. Selling your knowledge/expertise

People are willing to pay to learn about different areas of knowledge. You can offer instructional classes in your home as a possible business endeavor. Classes can be developed around your talent in sports for LADIES ONLY in a large spacious room in your home, or you can open music classes, cooking class, start a gardening club, a foreign language course, offer pet consulting, or even a craft making business. The key is that you try to create a unique and interesting class. Do not just teach a cooking class but teach a special cooking class that specializes in something – like making trending cakes!

The possibilities are endless. If you consistently offer educational classes with a pleasant atmosphere then you will have more people who will want to join to your class. You can also become a consultant offering services or giving advice regarding education, health and nutrition, finance, etc. You can perhaps help a new non-profit organization to realize their plans by fundraising, and then oversee the process. Or you can help to promote a new product by writing an advertorial and you may get a commission from the sale proceeds.

Basically, if you have proven skills in an area, you can market yourself as a consultant and provide your services from home. Taking advantage of your experiences to become a consultant is reliable and trustworthy.

3. Selling space in your home

Displaying products at home  10 Side Business Ideas For A House Wife HBL at my home Jeddah

Displaying products at home

If you have excess bedrooms and bathrooms and a high tolerance for having people in your home, you may be able to make money from your house. There are many tourists and backpackers who look for a comfortable bed and breakfast, especially because of frequent traveling, and who prefer that to having to search for expensive hotels and motels.

Your home is certainly more interesting than hotels or motels. Savvy homeowners can take advantage of this business by offering a pleasant experience to guests in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Who knows, this could benefit you and provide your guests with a memorable experience. Promote your room rentals through the internet but be careful in choosing your guests.

4. Selling your plantation products

Every time I pass the fruit and vegetable sellers on the side of the road I am amazed at how beautiful their fruits and vegetables are. It is often fresher looking than the choices in the supermarket. If you are blessed with the talent of growing crops to produce fruit, vegetables, or spices then you can sell them to earn extra income from your garden.

5. Selling your creativity

Selling Products  10 Side Business Ideas For A House Wife HBL Team

Selling Products

If you have talent for creating beautiful things here is your chance to make an income from home. Easy access to the internet in this digital era makes it easier for people to discover the latest lifestyle trends. Visit and learn how to buy and sell from well-known online outlets then, after interacting with them,  become a seller of your goods, such as clothing, accessories, etc. You can also make your own website or FB page and create your own products.

6. Sewing and Fixing Apparel

If you enjoy sewing, you have a variety of choices. You can propose a new model and design, offer wedding dresses, traditional clothes or special occasion clothes. In addition, you can also make wallets, bags, blankets, curtains, seat cushions etc.

7. Selling Your Computer Skills

If you are good at computers and can type quickly you may help a real estate company to record its important data, or help doctors to jot down notes concerning patient data, but you of course must understand something about health and medical language. Maybe you have expertise as a photo editor! Your computer may provide many options.

8. Selling Cooking and Baking Skills

There are many types of food and drinks that can be offered either to your neighborhood, through an online business, or by opening a food and beverage outlet. Beside taste, serving food and drinks that are unique, attractive and hygienic are also important so that buyers will return and order your food again.

9. Selling Your Time

If you have the ability to organize information or to get news quickly and have a quiet place in your home for work, then you can work as a call agent in a company or business that does not have someone to answer their phone 24 hours a day. The calls can be routed from the call center and sent to individuals who work from their homes. These workers are equipped with computers and software to be able to answer customer questions or enquiries. Companies pay based on working hours.

10. Selling New or Used Books

Buying discounted books from nearby bookstores or used books from friends, relatives or other sources can be sold online or by phone and can make money for you. In this business you have to have a place to display the books at home and to record the data of the books you sell in your computer. You also need courier services (or post office) for delivery.

So working is not only for the office, factory, shop, or places that are separate from your house. There are many unique opportunities and very special challenges when working from home. Make sure that you set up a wise and balanced schedule for your obligations as a Muslimah and a good housewife. Do not throw away your time in vain and also make sure that you always keep yourself from fraud and be honest. The above ideas are only examples and you may have many other brilliant side business ideas that you can share!

Astrid Despiona

The author is the mother of two children, and began her career in banking. She always happy to share anything which can inspire people. Her interests are in Health Care, Education, Music, Fashion and Gardening.

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