A Mountain of Gold

A Mountain of Gold
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 “If someone already has a mountain of gold, then indeed he will ask for two mountains of gold. Nothing can stop the desire, except death. And God forgives anyone who repents, ”  said the Prophet. Then in a short time, Ubay ibn Ka’b said, was revealed Surah At-Takathur.


Competition in [wordly] increase diverts you
Until you visit the graveyards
No! You are going to know
Then, no! You are going to know
No! If you only knew with knowledge of certainty…
You will surely see the Hellfire
Then you will surely see it with the eye of certainty
Then you will surely be asked that Day about pleasure. 


Our discussion today is about human tendency of treasure. In Surah al-‘Adiyat, God asserts that man loves treasures and curmudgeonly/bakhil (wa innahu lihubbil khairi lasyadid). So in the beginning of verse of Surah At-Takathur, God explains that many people treat wealth, realize or not, as their God and become negligent because of property.

Then God reminded that someday we’ll go to the grave. None of the treasure that we have will be brought to the grave, except our charity. Humans even know and believe (‘ilmul yaqin) that death is certain, but they remain pride of themselves and neglect from the grave.

The one that makes people really believe (haqqul yaqin) is when a man saw first-hand (ainul yaqin) Jahaham hell. However, at that Day, regret is not useful. Since it is not the time to do, but it is the time to account for all of our deeds. Everything will be asked by Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala, including our property.

Well, what is our answer later, when Allah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala asks: “Where did you get your treasure and What did you use it for?”

Allah knows best

Udo Yamin Majdi

The author completed his bachelor's at the University of Al-Azhar, Cairo. Used to be a chairman of the Forum Lingkar Pena (FLP) Egypt, the Indonesian writers club. Is now living in Indonesia, and published several books, one of them is "Quranic Quotient". He is also a founder and director of Word Smart Center, KIASTRA magazine editor, and Islamic Center bulletin editor in West Java, Indonesia.

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