A Muslima living around the corner from Mekkah – My Ramadan Diary.

A Muslima living around the corner from Mekkah – My Ramadan Diary.
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Ka’bah in Mekkah by Raimy Sofyan

Jeddah at 2.30 PM, the temperature was 45degrees outside, I left Jeddah for Mecca for my Umrah pilgrimage.  For residents of Jeddah, the miqat is from their homes.  The hot air outside does not discourage my husband and I to go ahead with this year’s Ramadan Umrah.

The distance from Jeddah to Mecca is only about 80km (Approximately 60Visual distance between Jeddah and Mekkah  A Muslima living around the corner from Mekkah - My Ramadan Diary. MapJeddahMekkah2 miles). The journey taken is approximately one hour. But the biggest problem is finding parking.  The layout of the traffic and parking around the Grand Mosque contributes to the heat and the chaos!  It’s a commotion! We need about 30 minutes circling the city of Mecca to find a convenient parking space.  Which is a good 1 mile from the Grand Mosque.. From the parking lot, we are joined by thousands of people walking to the same destination, that is the Haram, Subhana Allah ….

Takbir, tahmid, we recite, interpret asma Allah meditation towards the Haram. We also perform Asar prayer in congregation. We do not feel discomfort and we perform Asar prayer under the hot sun, in the crush of the sea of people, in trying to interpret every move, how nothing can compare to the heat this time ….. how YOU heal my good… trying make sense of how small your servant is amongst men who try and rush to prostrate at your house … my good… grateful to this day still continue to receiveA Muslima living around the corner from Mekkah - My Ramadan Diary. arrow blessings of faith and Islam….. Allah guide us to continue istiqomah …

We also continue our Umrah pilgrimage, Tawaf circling a black box -Ka’bah – the house of God.  Sea of people competing, remembering, Tahmid calling YOUR name “Oh My God” “Ya Allah!” … begging forgiveness among our tired bodies, dryness of our throats in our fasting in the scorching heat of the sun. Keep praying, reciting prayers asking forgiveness, no matter the sweat that dripped one by one unite in tears begging for forgiveness.

We performed Tawaf seven times rotated among the millions of people that never ever run out.  The flow of people in Tawaf  continues by others who have completed Tawaf that revolves around the Ka’bah which came close to exhausting my end of the fasting time.  Tired and hungry I continue to throw and remember, pray incessant begging forgiveness.  God …. how everyone does not care about the sun and the crush of millions of people around each Ka’ba. Continue to operate …. continue to pray ….

Thawaf completed we have done, pray and pray after the Umrah, Tawaf between people, there is no place for us to find a place field, all the angles occupied by humans. I prayed just with the bowing of our heads…not noticing the people who passed us; those who were prostrating, and without being disturbed people who are Thawaf

We took sa’i on the 2nd floor, we think on the 2nd floor we could do sa’i freely, in contrast with a floor full of jostling. 2nd Floor, masyallah … not much different from the 1st floor, filled with people who try to interpret siti Hajar kept running between Safa Marwa, looking for a sip of water for the little baby.

One round between the hills Safa Marwa, how nice that time, the sai with a cool roomA Muslima living around the corner from Mekkah - My Ramadan Diary. arrow, air everywhere meets all corners of the roomA Muslima living around the corner from Mekkah - My Ramadan Diary. arrow, looming siti Hajar ran between Safa Marwa under the blazing sun, between rocks in the dusty expanse of desert with blast of heat … god … where else do you favor …. did you deny god the pleasure of complaining?

Sa’i into our third round of the Grand Mosque rather than diminished by the people but increasingly overcrowded, in huge throng of people entering the room of the Grand Mosque, packing prepare iftar, maghrib preparing congregation. Who continue to sweat soaks erased by the napkins that is available by those who stand to provide napkins for Umrah pilgrims who were, not to mention our fast food to Invalidate, offered by people who want to compete alms and beverages they accidentally get some of the Zamzam well is lined up like soldiers they offer to us who are still busy completing his sa’i

 Not yet completed our sai, maghrib prayers arrived … God …. how good we feel the peak deeply tired … not comparable with healthy delicious that you provide. Dates Invalidate really fast food than any fancy, Zamzam relieving thirst, can not match refreshments are always available at home … where else so delicious that you deny …

 Maghrib coming our congregation immediately after each break the fast, the first cycles, god …. Your power is enormous, so there is no means to us with all our blessings, the second rakaah, almighty god … You listen to what your servant begged, cycles to 3 Allah is All-forgiving you …. anything as bad as your servant ….

A Muslima living around the corner from Mekkah - My Ramadan Diary. iftar in harom

Breaking Fast in Masjidil Haram By Raimy Sofyan

Maghrib after we also continue sai pending, still with the crush of people who continue to grow, compete to tarawih in Your house.

Oh God …. allow us to meet again …. Ramadan remind us to always be grateful, we cuddle with hidayahMu, ameen …


Sister Euis

Euis Fauziah

The author is a mother of three, living in Indonesia. She loves children; and education is her expertise.

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