A Muslimah Student in France

A Muslimah Student in France

Diary of aMuslima – a Teen living in France.

Sallam all.

My name is Assia A.. I will soon turn 16 years old.  I live in France and I am a Muslim.

I live in the Rhône-Alpes region in France. I’m 600 km from Paris and the nearest mosque is just 2KM from my home.

HighSchool in France  A Muslimah Student in France IMG 3722

High School in Grenoble France

Living in France is not always easy when you’re Muslim and partially of North African origin.  I see myself as  an ordinary high school girl.  I wear jeans with sneakers and long sweaters. I look like any other teenager in my city. 

In my city, I do not feel unsafe but I am shocked that they could react like that in a secular country, in which at any time be subject to any kind of racism in whatever form. For example in school.

When I was in college, I already had the right to show my color and my origins.Muslima at Highschool in France  A Muslimah Student in France IMG 3723

And we note that some questions come back to us often.

My whole surrounding is aware that I am a Muslim, however sometimes they ask the questions because I do not do all the same things that the non-Muslims do.  By my not participating in those activities attracts attention.  However, my non-Muslim friends make no distinction in befriending me.  They are nice and do not pay attention to my religion or my groups are also more open minded just because they can see every day that what is said about Muslims are wrong.

My teachers also know that I am Muslim and yes, teachers also can discriminate students by reports their origins or religions.

Recently in some high schools in regional directors refer girls wearing long skirts or dresses, the girls are of course of Maghrebian origin. Yes, if the dress was not worn by Muslim it would probably not disturb principals. Furthermore there are only Muslim women who are excluded and not my non-Muslim.

For example a girl was banned from entering his school twice because the dress was deemed a religious sign up port against the laws on secularism. Reportedly 130 similar cases have already had registered.

Basically it has rimerait “Tell me your name and I’ll tell you if your dress is monstrance -.> For the blog more here -> soutien-palestine-blogspot.com.

Unfortunately I do not know the rest of this story I do not know if she has changed her style of dress.

If I could go to a country or hijab is allowed of course I would put it. But in France it’s much more complicated and more so I do not want to interfere with my studies.  In a couple of years I will be done with my high school and Insha Allah hope to continue onto University.

In France these days Islam is frowned upon, it may be perceived by some as a religion that incites hatred and violence due to numerous terrorist attacks and acts in recent years. These acts of violence are being committed by people calling Islamists, this word refers to people of extremist Islam. These crimes were all committed in “the name of Allah.”

Which of course can cause some shocks to those who know nothing of Islam.

After the attack against Charlie Hebo (Weekly), we Muslims were targeted. Targeted by hateful acts from people who distorted our religion with those who are real Muslims.  Islam is the religion of peace. 

On social networks, their hateful messages were all over the place.  And at times, we were even afraid to go to the mosque for fear they may throw things at us. Maybe harm us.  We had to be careful.  Allhamdullilah nothing happened to me or my family.

And yet, the rest of the world has become more tolerant and are better informed so there is less ignorance which I feel lowers “racism”.

I strongly feel that we Muslims should work on our image and try not to associate with certain negative groups.  Groups that claim Islam but aren’t acting it.  Overall, not everything is bad in France – as a Muslim.  We have schools that teach Quran and Arabic and many Mosques that have many awesome activities for the Muslim community in France.

However, if I had the opportunity to highlight the beauty of Islam it would be through reading the Quran.  As the Quran is proof that its a religion based on peace, not war and crimes.


Assia Al Wakil

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