A Muslima’s Mini Journey ~ Following Rules

A Muslima’s Mini Journey ~ Following Rules

A Muslima's Mini Journey ~ Following Rules Sai

Since we live in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia my family and I have a standing tradition which is to perform Umrah every month. It’s distance is only an hour drive and during off season, parking is a breeze!

Although this is vacation time for many people we enjoy performing Umra this time our compassion for Allah doesn’t waver, we cannot wait to prostrate to our lord.
“which of the favors of your Lord do you deny?” (Ar – Rahman: 13)

We, including our children, circled around the Ka’ba to perform tawaf. Allhamdulillah our little family was able complete this procession amongst many people and the heat bearing down on us. We proceed with humility in awe of the greatness of Allah and with tahmid, grateful for all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

For Sa’i ~ which is 7 walks between Safa and Marwa we usually do this on the second floor of the Masjid because it is quieter and our children will not get trampled on. Those who are in the second floor are looking for more tranquility to pray and read Quran in semi- seclusion. All the amenities available on the main floor are also found on the second floor.

There people conducting sai on foot or using a wheel chair. There are two types of wheel chairs. One which is the traditional type, which moves with the help of others and then there is an electric wheel chair. All those using a walking aide such as a wheel chair must abide by the guidelines of where it can go. Those using the wheel chair must use the special wheel chair lane.

So, as our family proceeded with our Sa’i our youngest family member, my little son took a break to drink Zam-Zam water, as he was doing so he was hit by an electric wheel chair. He cried out in pain as the wheelchair literally ran over him!

This incident could have been avoided if the one “driving” the wheel chair obeyed the rules if conduct.

This same rule if thumb needs to be applied to anything and everything we do. We should have discipline, manners, respect and integrity when given guidelines and yet a ‘person’ isn’t watching. Remberence of that Allah is watching in fact Allah is closer us than the distance of our jugular veins.

We must as Muslims must strive for perfection in everything we do because when we don’t the innocent bystander can get hurt or even die. We do not wish this upon any person. Especially hurting a child. This accident was due to carelessness in driving the wheel chair and also plain disregard and respect for rules set in the house of Allah!

Please sisters & brothers remember when given even a little freedom please use it wisely as Allah is all knowing.

Jazakallah khoir

Euis Fauziah

The author is a mother of three, living in Indonesia. She loves children; and education is her expertise.

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