A Sincere Bond or An Obsession? Part 1

A Sincere Bond or An Obsession? Part 1


It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and the sun is gloating its scintillating heat, burning the skins of every being. 15 year old Hannan, daughter of Tamanna, enters home drowning in sweat with tears glistening in her gorgeous black eyes. She drops her bag on the living room floor and runs towards her mother’s room for a warm embrace to lighten the burden that she’s been nursing in her heart all these days.

All this while, Hannan thought that she was old enough to manage her petty friendship issues, but today she needed counselling. Everyone does, and who better to run to than her mom, a Youth Counselor by profession and Hannan’s personal mentor by choice.
Her mother Tamanna’s eyes bulge in shock as she sees Hannan run towards her so distressed. The girl dramatically begins:

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“Mom, Mahek has changed, she is no more like before! Our beautiful bond has faded. The essence of our friendship has been snatched by the evil eyes of this cruel world. Oh! I hate this, we are so disconnected now. You know how much I love her, how can this happen ma? You said we were Jannah Roomies and our relationship will last for an eternity – then why is everything messed up? Yaa rabbb, I feel so broken”

“Calm down Hannan. It’s okay habeebty. It happens with all the besties in this Dunya, it’s just Allah’s way of testing your faith and your bond. I will explain as we both have our yummillicious lunch together,” says Tamanna, comforting her little girl whilst wiping the tears away.

“But mom, I am not in the mood to eat. I just want you to tell me now.”

“Haha, darling, it’s MY story, the awesome journey of Tammy and Reem where I went through the weirdest test ever and for that super exciting tale, you definitely have to have something to munch on, trust me.”

“All right ma, anything for your dose of awesomeness which I desperately need right now,” sighed Hannan.

At the lunch table Tamanna begins to explain to Hannan the real cause of any bond with such glitches. She begins by narrating the story in her own creative style and describes the characters beautifully, asking Hannan to forget that it was her mom there. Rewinding the wheel of time, she travels back in her memories to when she was just like her daughter.

A hardcore lover, a sincere friend and a 24/7 available sister with immense love in her heart for her bestie fillaah – Reem. She loved Reem beyond measure; being in touch the entire day, sometimes the entire night. The fact that they both were striving in the same path – to be better Muslims, strengthened their bond even more. They called each other for tahajjud Salah, arranged halaqas, went to their tafseer class together, and inspired and motivated each other constantly. They were two bodies but one through mind, heart and soul. They seemed like sisters from  different mothers, but again they had weekly sleepovers as they couldn’t have enough of each other. Tamanna had never experienced true love before; she had a difficult past so it was Reem that filled the void of years with her immense support and sincere care. So this friendship ‘’fillah’’ was all that Tamanna had. It literally meant “the world” to her.

Imagine reading their past conversations on Facebook over and over again in case of Reem’s absence or her non availability? Or getting upset if she didn’t get to talk to her? Huh! It was that crazy! She missed her every second the clock stroked. Anything and everything was Reem– which was dangerous of course! Reem was her source of happiness and sadness. She couldn’t see even an ounce of stress or hardship faced by the apple of her eye. She made duas for her before she made it for herself or anyone else. They had an adorable bond. The strength of their friendship was divine as it was enhanced by the rope of their beautiful faith.

But one fine day, it changed. Reem got engaged and so she began to spend her limited time with her family as she was about to leave for New York soon after the Nikaah, leaving the sandy deserts of Arabia, but this had an adverse effect on the time which she spent with Tamanna – which was only ‘hers.’ Now it was different and so the two besties slowly began to disconnect.

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