A Sincere Bond or an Obsession? Part 3

A Sincere Bond or an Obsession? Part 3
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by A.a. Sumadri

Friendships for the sake of Allah (SWT) can be the greatest blessings showered upon you, but when that very blessing threatens to ruin your soul, that’s when you need to take a step back and draw the line, and that’s why Tamanna suffered whereas Reem on the other hand missed her friend but was able to bear it and be patient with this trial as she truly loved Tamanna for His Sake. This concept was beautifully explained by Ms. Mogahed in Reclaim Your Heart, a book which has now made its permanent residence on Tamanna’s desk. She’d stumbled upon the book in her library and found that it had answers to all of her queries and responses for all of the psychological disturbances that she faced. She learned the hard way, but still she did learn the lesson behind the trial and kept reviewing it over and over to master it. Now whenever she realizes that something of this world is about to overpower her, she just picks up the same book again and begins to turn the pages filled with divine Hikmah, SubhanAllah!

This time, she handed over the book to little Hannan saying, “Here my doll! This is one master piece that you should ‘learn’ and drill into your head so that you never forget the gems in it.”

“Jazakillah Mom. I love you for His sake and I will never allow any other love to compete with the love of Allah (SWT).”

“I love you too, Hun. Yes, never make that mistake. Allah (SWT) tests you with what you love the most so the moment your heart beats for someone else, that very thing will be taken away so that you turn back to the Creator with that beautiful heart. It is He who has the complete right to reside in it.”

Before Hanaan sets out of the room she turns with a confused expression and shoots her final question:

“Mama, what happened to the ‘forever besties’? Reem and Tammy? Was the bond broken and never rebuilt?”

Tammy smiled gracefully as the answer she had was the biggest lesson for her daughter:

“No Hannan, It didn’t because, Allah always withholds to give. He teaches lessons and then returns the blessings once we understand and pass our tests. These little glitches, bumps on the road and painful departures are only to prepare us for harder paths, bigger distances and amazing reunions. There comes a time when the entire world gives up on you, including – your very own self. When your break is so severe, that no one can mend or repair, when words do not heal and condolence from dear ones doesn’t comfort, when you realize the frailty of your soul and its blind addiction, which was the love of people, the love of emotions, moments and places, it’s only when that is taken away that you get back to Al – Ahad, in desperation, in helplessness begging HIM for his LOVE – the one that lasts for eternity.

That’s what happened with Tamanna. She fixed herself and got Reem back in a much more beautiful way. The issue wasn’t with her anyway, so as soon as I got over my drug and figured things out, the rest all fell into place. Allah (SWT) rewarded me by enhancing our relationship and now we are the true examples of Besties Fi Sabeelillah. Reem stays in the other corner of the world, yet she’s connected to her buddy through the adorable memories. We are alive in each other’s duas and thoughts. We relish the little weekly time we have and are content with it because now the bond isn’t an obsession, it’s pure love for His Sake.

When the love in the hearts is sincere then distance cannot reduce even an ounce of it. We believe in meeting and parting for the sake of Al – A’zeez. Now there’s no more grief or sadness, as we know that Allah’s promise is true and He will unite us under His A’rsh, and in a much better place, Jannah.

“Wow! So the answer to all the problems under the sky is ONE – and that is turning to God?” asked Hannan with a thrill of excitement and relief.

Tammy smiles as tears trickle down her cheek in admiration of her little one and she grabs her in a bear hug quietly saying, “Yes Bachcha, absolutely.”

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