A Taste of the Middle East

A Taste of the Middle East

There are many different types of foods and beverages in the Middle East with distinctive spices and flavors. Foods like cardamom, cloves, tomatoes, cinnamon, and other spices. To get a taste of some of the cuisine and foods generally sold in the shops and restaurants in Saudi Arabia, keep reading!

Shawarma. Google  A Taste of the Middle East shawarma

Shawarma. Google


  1. Shawarma. Shawarma is a typical sandwich made with pita bread that is rolled-up containing slices of chicken/goat meat/ turkey mixed with yogurt, onion slices, French fries, pickles, etc..
  2. Kabsa rice. This is a Saudi traditional basmati rice dish mixed with chicken/goat meat with complete herbs and spices, and slices of tomato and carrot.
  3. Briyani rice. A Basmati rice dish mixed with mutton or chicken. Briyani rice comes from Hadramaut, Yemen, but has been popular in the Arab region.
  4. Bukhari rice. Basmati rice mixed with mutton or chicken and raisins, with ingredients such as cinnamon spices, onions and tomatoes.
  5. Mandi Rice. Basmati rice with spiced, chicken, and saffron coloring (orange). This dish originates from Yemen and is now widely available in several Middle Eastern
    Kabsa Rice. Google  A Taste of the Middle East kabsa

    Kabsa Rice. Google


  6. Kufta Basya. A recipe of mutton or beef mince that is shaped into balls or ovals with a sauce made from tomato puree.
  7. Samosa / Samboosak. Triangular fried snacks containing minced mutton, chicken or cheese.
  8. Baklava. Crisp pastry that contains nuts doused with a mixture of water, sugar, and lemon slices. This food originated with the Ottomans but is now found in many supermarkets in Saudi Arabia.
  9. Kunafa. The typical Arabian dessert made of spun shredded wheat and topped with raisins, nuts, and cream.
  10. Laban. A kind of typical yogurt/ sour drink suitable as a companion for sweet foods like dates, baklava, and kunafa.
  11. Mantu. A kind of steamed dim sum containing mince and onion, suitable as an appetizer or snack.
  12. Saudi Champagne. Non-alcoholic beverage made from a mixture of sparkling water / soda water, apple juice, apple and orange slices.


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