Adventure Saturday – Muslimah Style!

Adventure Saturday – Muslimah Style!
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Sallam Muslimah!

Masha Allah life is hectic for all of us! But one activity I make mandatory is  implementing “Adventure Saturday”!

What is it?

It’s a day where we do 1 (one) activity that is completely out of the box. This could mean we visit a place we have never been, eat food we have never tastes, do activities that we have never done before or meet people we have never met  but the criteria is that the “newness” of the event is felt by all members of the family.  It has to be new and exciting or simple to all family members.

My kids await this day because its a day free of chores, school and or errands (ok, Sometimes we make an exception) and so do I!

I have long since designated this day since they were toddlers.  I dislike mundane routines and I want to encourage my kids to be outside the box.  Not to mention if I don’t plan just a little I will end spent pending my precious weekends doing housework! Uh!  So, I do most of my housework during the week.  I “reset” the house every night and each day I wipe some section if the house down, run laundry pretty much everyday and prep quick meals during the week.  Allhamdulillah to clean, boneless chicken breast (yes! The Halal market had them!) and I do my baking on Sundays.  So come Saturday morning the kids and I (oh hubby is around but that is his “boy” time)  grab donuts and coffee and milk 🙂 then head off to explore the world either with our tongues or our selves!

Last week we took a train ride up to Washington DC and visited the Air & Space museum the one located in Dulles Va. Masha Allah it was pretty amazing.  We did see the actual real Discovery space shuttle that orbit the earth! Then the kids took a ride in the 360 degree space simulator woweee! No I didn’t join in on that adventure because it required actually flying upside down !!

Another time we stayed at home and held a garage sale!  And another time we went to play bowling (yah, we never went before!). One time we drove to a different part of Raleigh and went to the local library and shops.  And then one time we went strawberry picking and made fruit salad! Yum! Summer was fun too! My husband took us to the beach and taught us how to boogy board (yeah I love my Muslimah Bathing suit!) and swim with dolphins in the ocean! That was amazing!

The point is, make your OWN Adventure Saturday to break the routine of daily life and also to bond with your family.

Go on now!  Tomorrow is Saturday!

Make your adventure today!





Ummzaytun represents versatility as it is the Mother of Olives. The Olive fruit is an extremely durable, versatile and delectable fruit. It is the base of many foods yet it can also be the centerpiece. I love this name because in many ways it represents me. With the graciousness of Allah SWT I am blessed to be a wife, a mother of two wonderful boys (Masha Allah!), a family Chef, completed my MBA, got a great career and now have The opportunities that have been presented to me up till this point have all been self indulgent however this time around the opportunity is to serve and give back to my sisters in Islam and empower them with stories, life experiences and a warm community experience. I welcome all sisters from all nations to join and be a part of this exciting community.Bismillah~Ummzaytun

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