The “Art” Of Being Fit

The “Art” Of Being Fit

IMG-20150420-WA0061 fit The "Art" Of Being Fit IMG 20150420 WA0061It cannot be specified exactly when humans started relating diet with health and showing interest and awareness in fitness, but it is pretty obvious that this awareness has grown quite wide over the last couple decades. Fitness began as something that was exclusive before becoming a concept that was accepted by the masses of both sexes, male and female. Keeping fit started in the form of sports activities performed by nobles and mostly men (e.g. back horse riding, swordplay duels, hunting, and arching) but today this awareness is much bigger and wider.

Fitness and health has now become a concept of “high demand” in the form of majors at institutes of higher learning in addition to being a trademark of self care and style. Yes, fitness is now obviously a big part of the fashion industry and if you want come under the category of stylish, trendy and fashionable, you simply have got to be fit or at least have an interest in fitness and maintaining a healthy diet.

Regardless of how relative fashion and fitness really are, or even how fair the thought is, a large segment of the masses looks up to such standards. I myself fell into this obsession long before I really got to understand what fitness is all about and have thus developed my philosophy of the art of being fit.



Sarah Le Meknas

A certified Lebanese fashion designer/stylist, holding a BA in graphics and a Diploma in fashion. Based in Jeddah, she is the owner/designer of brand 3abéyti (ãbeyti) for modern islamic wear. Also owner of Sera by Sarah for haute couture and high-end day wear. Writing has been a pleasure for Sarah since childhood. Started by short stories, she now finds herself upgrading and combining the love of writing to meet that of passion for beauty and style through blogging and writing fashion-articles, especially as Amuslima opens the first of doors to that.She lives up to her motto: "There's beauty to everything... There has to be something. Just open your eyes!"

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