Back to School! Lunch Pack Menu & Healthy Breakfast Organization

Back to School! Lunch Pack Menu & Healthy Breakfast Organization

10444557_10152580546623305_3011718500460172169_n  Back to School! Lunch Pack Menu & Healthy Breakfast Organization 10444557 10152580546623305 3011718500460172169 nAfter 9 weeks of summer vacation, my kids ( 9 yrs and 5 1/2)will return to school in a week’s time, on 30th August, InsyaAllah. Woohoo, Alhamdullilah.

The last academic year, in a bid to being more organized and towards cultivating healthier eating habits, I involved my then 8 year old daughter in planning her lunch packs. We would sit down together on weekend and plan the week’s menu, both her lunch packs and our family dinner. Lunch packs were planned on monthly basis, with a few options for each day of the week. Dinner menu was planned weekly.

This year, I am taking this 1 level up, I hope to get breakfast menu up too, Insya Allah. Will share this once we get it all sorted.

I don’t stick strictly to planned menus. Adjustments will need to be made depending on my social activities and kids activities for the week.

Well as of last night( wed night), this is one my daughter and I have agreed on for lunch packs:

  • Subway Sunday (here in Saudi Arabia our work/school week starts Sunday):  Egg wraps( with mince beef or shredded chicken),Fish sub, Roti John( toasted multigrain bread with mince beef)
  • Mid East/Eastern  Mondays:  Wonton or Bread lasagna/Falafels/Chicken Wonton cups/Baos (steam filled buns)
  • Taco/Tortilla Tuesdays:  Chicken Quesadillas/Tuna fish cakes/sweet potato chicken bake/Beef tortilla/Taco  Chicken Cups
  • Wacky Wednesdays:Rice( jeera, lentil or carrot) with  kebabs or meatballs/ Pasta aglio olio with grilled chicken/ Pasta tuna bake/
  • Magic Thursdays: wholewheat pizzas/wholewheat chicken pies/wholewheat smoked salmon quiche/savoury muffins

And for breakfast:

  • Wholewheat scrambled egg wraps
  • Multigrain cheese toast
  • Wholewheat  oat muffins- with apples, dates, bananas and quinoa
  • Baked French toast-overnight
  • Baked oat bars- apples, pumpkin and raisin/cranberries
  • Wholewheat banana loaf.


Well thats the plan.Praying that Allah will make it easy.

I sincerely hope this sharing of ideas will benefit our sisters too.



Dr. Rizalina Bahari

A trained GP turned stay at home mum to 2 young kids.Currently based in Jeddah.I did my medical training in Ireland. Loves experimenting with healthy recipes ,baking,reading,travelling. Challenging myself to keep fit & healthy and learn Quranic Arabic!

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