Beets and Pomegranate Smoothies

Beets and Pomegranate Smoothies

Children often eat less vegetables and fruits, preferring to eat red meat or fried food, including my kiddos. If they are not trained to consume healthier foods from childhood it is possible they will have an unbalanced diet, particularly once they grow up and this will affect their health. 

To work around this, I usually make juices or smoothies as their additional intake of vegetables and fruits as it tastes fresh and exotic. The kids do not realize that the juice contains a lot of fibrous and nutritious food. Try the recipes I’ve used in the juices/smoothies series.


  • 1 beet (medium size), peeled and cut into slices
  • 1 pomegranate, peeled
  • 1 yellow plum, peeled and cut into pieces
  • 3 peaches, peeled and cut into pieces
  • 1 orange, squeezed
  • 1-2 tbsp of honey if you like
  • Ice cubes

Blend the beets first then all the ingredients except oranges. After all blended and smooth then add the orange juice, honey, and ice cubes.

Beets and Pomegranate Smoothies pomegranate watermark w640

Delina Partadiredja

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