Book Review: Everyday Islam

Book Review: Everyday Islam

Bismillah. These comments are purely my own opinion.  I ask Allah’s forgiveness for all of my ignorance. 

Islam is a way of life that has proved timeless in it’s practice, and in it’s capability of solving issues even in today’s modern world.  The Muslims know that this holds true, but, interestingly there isn’t a publication out there in which Islam is portrayed in its simplest forms for implementing in our lives – especially in English! This book, Everyday Islam: An Easy And Peaceful Way Of Life, isn’t a book that you read one time and put it down as a dust catcher on your shelf, rather it is a book that should be worn out by its readers.

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Book Review: Everyday Islam

In reading the introduction, I was provided with a clear perspective as to how this book was assembled, and what goal it wished to achieve: a clear path on what to do as a Muslim EVERYDAY! In the beginning of the book there seemed to be a disconnect between the introduction and the first two chapters, however.

The first chapter is titled – This Life.  I would have preferred to see some of the world issues at hand spoken about here – such as the commotion of this current period of time, in the opening of this chapter. This could have given the reader a sense of urgency for reading further and deeper into the book.  Then when moving on to the 2nd chapter, it too seemed to have the main theme located at the end.  This is just my own preference for books, as I prefer that books like these have a clear statement in the beginning of the chapter where the reader can easily identify the key take-aways. My understanding was that This Life was to showcase how busy our lives get, and how we have a tendency to just carve out a little time on Jumuah or weekends to inject a little Islam into our lives, and this isn’t the the right way.  Islam is truly a way of life not just a religion.  To gain a full life filled with peace, a Muslim has been given the tools to do so and this book shows you how.

From chapter 3 until the end – I really got into the book.  A small note:  I highly recommend that you have those sticky notes, the ones that look like little tabs, and be ready with a pen to then tab the book to be able to refer back to the section you need (so as to match what part of your day you are at).  There are dua’s and tips that refer to where you are in your day, and this is greatly needed for today’s Muslims whose lives tend to be very busy. The book takes you from when you awake in the morning to when you go to sleep at night, and you would be surprised how many little things can be done to increase your Iman by making little remembrances, short dua’s (supplications), and simple daily acts which increase your Deen! The book lightly touches on each aspect of a normal persons life (whether you are Muslim or not) but nicely injects tidbits of du’a and remembrance of Allah at each point of your day.

Overall, this is a great book to tuck into your pocketbook, handbag, or to just keep in the hands of Muslims and Reverts.  I recommend this book as an easy read, and an easy implementation for all Muslims.

If you are interested to purchase, please click here.  Supporting Muslim Authors is a good deed!

About the Author: Shumaysa Amatul Hadi Faruqi is a student of Al Quran and a qualified Special Educator and Psychologist with a Master’s degree from Jamia Millia Islamia.  Her interests include reading, writing, researching and painting. She has been writing since high school and used to pen her feelings in the form of poems, articles and by the habit of keeping diaries.  She is an avid blogger and writes regularly at :


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