Can We Use Alcoholic Perfume?

Can We Use Alcoholic Perfume?
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Prophet Muhammad Salallahu alaihi wassalam advocated his people to use perfume, including women. It’s just that women are permitted to use perfume (and preening) while in front of mahram or her husband. Al-Hakim narrated from Hasan Ash-Shibit, the Prophet (pbuh) had ordered on the day of idain (Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha) to wear excellent clothes, to use the best perfume, and to sacrifice (on Eid al-Adha) with the most valuable animals.

Muslims happily perform the sunnah. In addition to be fragrance in appearance, they also wear perfume in an effort to love their Prophet.

However there is still a debate, can we use alcoholic perfume?

Basically such debate is because people think that alcohol is the same as khamr, though it’s different.  Alcohol or ethanol is a chemical that is not consumed (eaten or drunk), while khamr is consumed.

Alcohol is found in liquor, but not in the kind of drug morphine, though morphine is khamr. Meaning that causes an intoxicating liquor is not because of the content of alcohol (ethanol) alone but all the ingredients are present in the liquor. For example, a kind of chemical acetaldehyde, propanol, 1-butanol, and methanol are normally present in the liquor and are narcosis or toxic (poisonous).

It is true that levels of alcohol to measure whether a drink including liquor (khamr) or not. This is to facilitate the concern, but not solely alcohol itself that makes illicit liquor. If alcohol is forbidden, the consequences can be troublesome. All of which contain alcohol will be forbidden, including fresh fruits, bread, vinegar, soy sauce, and others that naturally contains very little alcohol.

Alcohol (ethanol) as an organic solvent has an equal status with other organic solvents such as acetone that are also often used in cosmetics. If alcohol convicted haram, then all organic solvents which in fact are not consumed and more toxic than ethanol are also haram. It would be troublesome for human.

Thus, alcohol and other organic solvents are not defiled because it is NOT khamr. So, if you want to use perfume you do not have to find a non-alcoholic perfume as long as the perfume is made of halal materials.

Dr. Anton Apriyantono

The author is the father of one child who live in Indonesia. Graduated Bachelor in Agricultural Technology IPB, Indonesia. Master in Food Science IPB, Indonesia, PhD in Food Chemistry Reading University, UK. He is a lecturer in the Department of Food Technology and Nutrition, IPB. Has served as minister of agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. Being auditor Research Institute for Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Indonesian Ulama Council. Chairman of the trustees of Halalan Thoyiban Foundation, and more activities in various organizations related to the field of da'wah, and consumption of halal food.

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