Critical point of butter: its halal status

Critical point of butter: its halal status


Critical point of butter: its halal status butter

Principally, how to make butter in the past until now is similar. The difference is only in its original material. If in the past it used fresh milk, while now it uses cream (milk if separated by a cream separator will produce a rich cream and skim, a solution which contains protein). The main ingredient of butter is cream with fat content between 25-45%.

The problem of its halal status is when preparation of the butter involves fermentation. It is doubt because the growing medium of lactic acid bacteria is suspected of its halal status, and the media itself can be mixed into the butter. If the butter is made without fermentation, the halal status is not problematic, unless it is added carotene as colouring agentCritical point of butter: its halal status arrow because carotene usually is in a carrier (coating). One of the ingredients that can be used as a carrier is gelatine (can be made from pig, cow or fish).

In conclusion, after finding out how butter is made, we must be careful with the butter product that has strong smell (made by fermentation) due to its doubtful status. Choose butter who has examined its halal status (which has halal label).

Dr. Anton Apriyantono

The author is the father of one child who live in Indonesia. Graduated Bachelor in Agricultural Technology IPB, Indonesia. Master in Food Science IPB, Indonesia, PhD in Food Chemistry Reading University, UK. He is a lecturer in the Department of Food Technology and Nutrition, IPB. Has served as minister of agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. Being auditor Research Institute for Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Indonesian Ulama Council. Chairman of the trustees of Halalan Thoyiban Foundation, and more activities in various organizations related to the field of da'wah, and consumption of halal food.

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