Dear Muslim Women…Plan your Umrah or Haj properly

Dear Muslim Women…Plan your Umrah or Haj properly

Are you planning to go Umrah or Haj in short time? Check out the following information that may be useful.

Many questions have come to my attention via blackberry messenger, Facebook, and email such as: ‘When is the best time to perform Umrah?’ ‘Is the weather during haj this year be very hot?’ ‘Is it okay if I wear colorful cloth?’ etc.

For the majority of Muslim women, especially in countries that have four seasons, the hot weather in Saudi Arabia is to be considered and not taken lightly. The weather is cool during the months of December thru February in most cities in Saudi Arabia. and June thru August prove to be the hottest! But in general, because it is a peninsula, the weather in Saudi during transition climate sometime is many times uncertain. As of last Wednesday, when I performed Umrah and began Thowaf about 10:30 am, and the sun started to increase height, temperatures were high at around 33°C (approximately 91.4°F) in February! But come August, the temperature can reach 40°-50°C! (104°-122°F)

green light as a sign to trot  Dear Muslim Women…Plan your Umrah or Haj properly sai lampu hijau

green light as a sign to trot

How about the attire? Saudi women and migrants who live in Saudi Arabia are required to wear an abaya (outerwear dress) with dark colored (usually black) or not to attract attention, and this is also applied for non-Muslima. Therefore, generally guests who come to Saudi have to bring decent clothes, and if possible, dark.

As pilgrims coming from different parts of the world increase from year to year, the capacity of the Holy Mosque is hardly able to accommodate this increasing number of worshipers. Expansion of the mosque’s area is done by tearing down several hotels and apartments around the mosque. If you visited Baytullah a few years ago, you may surprised by the change! Renovation of the Mosque that located at the opposite of Ka’bah door or Multazam has led Thowaf area become narrower temporarily. As a result, we could not sit and pray in front of Multazam freely nor could we linger! This is to give the other pilgrims a chance to pray. Moreover, usually the area of Sa’i are three floors, but due to renovation, we cannot use the ground floor. So for Muslim/ Muslima who plans to go for Umrah in the short time, only can use Sa’i area on the first and second floor.

The most number of people who perform Thowaf and Sa’i usually is after Asr time until early morning. Beside, Saudi has a different weekend with other countries. Thursday and Friday are the weekend. Therefore, during these two days, school days off, Haj, or Ramadan, will be more full than other days.

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