Deen Essentials…Part 3

Deen Essentials…Part 3

Part 3…

Fabrics of our lives  Deen Essentials...Part 3 graph

Deen is the fabric of our lives

SALAH (Namaz or five daily prayers) is another broken pillar standing but ready to fall any time. A large majority of the Muslim population does not pray, hence the pillar is broken. Among those who perform five daily prayers, the meaning of the prayer does not touch their lives. Among those who pray are some who do not do so correctly or understand the meaning of what they say with their tongues; naturally, what they do not know, they would not practice. For example, the most essential part of salah (prayer) is saying SURAT AL-FATIHA, which is a reminder of the covenant (meethaq) with Allah and a duaa (supplication). A section of ‘ulama (Hanafi madhhab) have advised their followers against saying Surat Al-Fatiha in congregational prayers (silent or loud) despite the fact that Prophet Muhammad(s) has strongly advised saying it individually even in congregational prayers. There is a significant majority of those who perform five daily prayers who have adopted different ethical values in their daily lives (muamilaat), such as in business, jobs, industry, etc, and they remain untouched by the value system of Islam. For them salah is for Allah and daily business is to make a living where Allah does not matter. Hence it is all right to cheat, break promises, contracts and pacts; it is all right not to give their money’sDeen Essentials...Part 3 arrow worth to employers; it is all right to cheat employees; it is all right to be a tyrant ruler, and so on, yet pray five times a day. Salah is a broken but partially standing pillar not capable of bearing any weight of the roof.


A Muslim Woman living and working the USA. Married with two children. I completed my MBA in 1998 and have worked with major Fortune 500 corporations in America. In becoming pregnant with child #1, moved to working from home - although during that period its as if I never left corporate America. Allhamdullilah was able to raise my children AND work full time. Had and Allhamdullilah still have the support of my husband of insha Allah 14 years. Now, re-building Amuslima as it is 10 years in the making. Allah is the best of planners. My goal? To always be curious. What is yours?

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