Deen Essentials…Part 4

Deen Essentials…Part 4

Part 4…

ZAKAH (zakat or poor-due or wealth cleansing taxDeen Essentials...Part 4 arrow or alms) or whatever way the word is translated is a broken and fallen pillar in an overwhelming majority of Muslim countries and minority Muslim societies around the world.

Zakah collection is neither organized not collected nor distributed in a manner done in the first century of Islam. It has been left up to the individuals to distribute zakah and a majority of them do not offer zakah.

Naturally, the Muslim countries are the poorest countries of the world despite being the richest in the world in terms of natural resources, collectively spealdng. By not taking our zakah, rich Muslims are amassing dirty riches making the poor poorer and the rich richer; just the opposite of the desired result of an Islamic economy.

So sisters, please remember that as a Muslim we must remember to pay Zakat on all of our wealth.

Click here for a short video lesson from: Shehzad Saleem a short lecture on Zakat







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