Did you know IjaraUSA.com can help you secure Halal Financing?

Did you know IjaraUSA.com can help you secure Halal Financing?

ijarahloan interview with amuslima  Did you know IjaraUSA.com can help you secure Halal Financing? Ijaraloan1

” I am ready to buy a home.”

“Halal Financing is expensive – I might be better off getting a conventional loan as they have great 1st time home buyer programs.”  

” I am already locked in a conventional loan, it’s impossible now to get into a Halal mortgage program.”

“People are talking about Mudrabah – what is that?” “

The rates with a Halal Loan are super high.”

“Oh, Halal mortgages, Halal Loans – I thought that was Lipstick on a Pig?”

“I got my car with an amazing low rate, ok, it wasn’t a Halal Loan. Didn’t even know it was available!”

“Where and who do I go to?”

Does this sound familiar? Insha Allah we will try our best to de-mystify this subject of Halal Mortgages and Halal Loans, options which in reality aren’t lofty and unattainable.  Listen in on my conversation with Brother Shoeb M. Sharieff, a veteran in the Halal Mortgage Industry who runs and manages the structuring of Halal Mortgage Loans for IjaraUSA.com / www.ijaraCanada.com for Canada.

Ijaraloans.com is a company specializing in Islamic finance alternatives. We are not a loan originator or broker, but a Sharia structuring company working with licensed providers to structure Sharia compliant financial transactions.  Our mission is to provide outstanding industry information regarding Islamic Loan financing alternatives to consumers who abide by religious or ethical prohibitions relating to the payment of interest on loans. We want to be your educational resource for Islamic finance alternatives relating to home buying and replacement of existing mortgages. We operate in 50 states and Canada.

If you are interested to learn more please contact IjaraUSA.com for US Residents and IjaraCanada.com directly.

We hope Insha Allah you found this interview beneficial.  I do realize that the recording is not high-quality – Insha Allah we will come out with a transcribed post soon.


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