Did you know there is an alternative to Non-Halal Vitamins?

Did you know there is an alternative to Non-Halal Vitamins?

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Did you know that the vitamins that you buy at your local grocery store or pharmacy are made with pork ingredients? Did you know that most gelatin used in our food and supplements is made from pork?

One of our sponsors, NoorVitamins, has developed premium Halal vitamins and supplements that are now available in stores and online.  

aMuslima has reviewed and self tested the NoorVitamins Multivitamin Product

aMuslima Testimonial about NoorVitamins MultiVitamins  Did you know there is an alternative to Non-Halal Vitamins? ghnoorvitamins

This testimonial is not an advertisement. It is a completely objective perspective of the product.  Insha Allah.

NoorVitamins™, a division of Noor Pharmaceuticals, specializes in developing high quality, Halal vitamins and dietary supplements made with all natural ingredients to promote a healthy and Halal lifestyle. 

We are committed to ensuring that our products meet the highest possible scientific and Halal standards. Our formulations have been established by vast scientific evidence to be safe with proven health benefits. Our halal certification ( Click here to view ) ensures that our products do not contain pork or alcohol based ingredients. So consumers, Muslims and non-Muslims, looking for scientifically formulated vitamins that are free of pork and alcohol now have a brand they can trust. Our Halal vitamins and nutritional supplements are made with all natural ingredients of unsurpassed quality and value, but at Noor, it’s more than just our products:

NoorVitamins has US-based manufacturing facilities and is both Halal certified and FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. They operate using Islamic compliant business practices, including fair contracting, interest free-financing and donating a percentage of our earnings to charity (Zakat) annually.

For every product sold, we donate a complete meal to someone in need.

We continue to work on developing new products and to build partnerships with local and national pharmacies so that more people have access to Halal NoorVitamins™.Click here  (the banner) to purchase Halal Vitamins for yourself or for your whole family. 

CLICK THIS LINK TO BUY THE PRODUCT and Support their Halal activities! Right Now, its FREE SHIPPING! 

Insha Allah this may be beneficial for you.

Muslima, Remember the Importance of Halal Food

G. Hartojo-Alwakil

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