Dilruba Jaman and Her Dream

Dilruba Jaman and Her Dream

As aMuslima continues to evolve we hope to bring to light many many amazing efforts by the Muslim community for the Muslim community around the world. We are committed to share these stories with you as a reminder that we should all be on the look out to do good deeds.  I am the first that needs to be reminded that our worldly matters, although important, aren’t so important on the day of Judgement.  Scary right?  Well, let’s read on and listen and insha Allah take our own action in our own communities to do good deeds.  

If you loan Allah a goodly loan, He will multiply it for you and forgive you. And Allah is Most Appreciative and Forbearing. (QS At-Taghaabun (64):17).

Today’s story is narrated  by Saima Hassan, Director-Development & Communications Inc. OBAT Helpers., Indianapolis to aMuslima.  We hope you can place this story into your heart and remember that worldly matters are just that…

“Dilruba Jaman resides in the Community Center Camp of Dhaka with her parents and two younger siblings. Her father

Dilruba  Dilruba Jaman and Her Dream Dilruba


works hard to support his family- he is the sole provider. He runs a stall for selling tea and earns a measly monthly income of about $ 51.

Despite the financial setbacks, Dilruba studied hard to pursue her dream.  OBAT has been sponsoring her education since grade 10. She enrolled in OBAT’s tutoring center to receive help in preparing for her HSC (High School Certificate) exam. She achieved a GPA of 5.0 on a scale of 5.0 in this exam. Dilruba is a Science student and her dream is to become a doctor and to open a health care center with the help of OBAT where she can treat camp residents free of charge.  She is currently taking tuitions for passing her entrance exam for Dhaka Medical College which is regarded as one of the best medical colleges of Bangladesh. Dilruba has all the motivation she needs to build her life and OBAT is glad to give her all the opportunities and resources she lacks from being a camp resident.”



Dilruba with her family   Dilruba Jaman and Her Dream Dilruba with her family

Dilruba with her family


Dilruba helping with cooking  Dilruba Jaman and Her Dream Dilruba helping with cooking

Dilruba helping with cooking


Ummzaytun represents versatility as it is the Mother of Olives. The Olive fruit is an extremely durable, versatile and delectable fruit. It is the base of many foods yet it can also be the centerpiece. I love this name because in many ways it represents me. With the graciousness of Allah SWT I am blessed to be a wife, a mother of two wonderful boys (Masha Allah!), a family Chef, completed my MBA, got a great career and now have AMuslima.com The opportunities that have been presented to me up till this point have all been self indulgent however this time around the opportunity is to serve and give back to my sisters in Islam and empower them with stories, life experiences and a warm community experience. I welcome all sisters from all nations to join and be a part of this exciting community.Bismillah~Ummzaytun

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