DIY Brooch With Shoelaces

DIY Brooch With Shoelaces
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It may sound strange at first, but you can create a brooch of shoelaces, and in fact, it can be a fun, creative way to accessorize your hijab or to decorate your abaya. This idea is included in the book, 50 Beautiful Accessories Creations, written by Iva Hardiana. I’ve tried it and it is fun to make, not too complicated, and the results are very unique. The brooch can be used both for casual or official events, depending on the model and the selected colors.

Here are the materials needed:

  • Colorful shoelaces
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Other accessories you like such as beads, brocade, tulle fabric, etc.
  • Pin

    Brooche 1  DIY Brooch With Shoelaces 20150207 114629

    Brooche 1

How to make:

Brooch 1: Beige Flower

  1. Select flat shoelaces then cut the ends of them
  2. Sew the bottom of the shoelaces, and then pull the string
  3. Shape the shoe laces like a flower and sew
  4. Attach a safety pin at the back of the flower and the brooch is ready.




Brooch 2: Black Flower

Broche 2  DIY Brooch With Shoelaces 20150207 114415

Brooche 2

  1. Create a flower like Brooch 1 above.
  2. Take lace or brocade in the length of about 15 cm.
  3. Sew the bottom edge of the lace in a running stitch, pull the string and shape it like a flower.
  4. Sew the black flower on the floral lace and attach a pin on the back of the flower.






Broche 3  DIY Brooch With Shoelaces 20150207 114708

Brooche 3


Brooch 3: Roses

  1. Prepare a pair of round shoelaces with different colors. Sew the top end.
  2. Twist the shoelace until it reaches the end.
  3. Form the shoelaces into flowers and then sew or use a glue gun. The flower is ready.
  4. If you want it more formal, flowers made from lace or brocade can be added. Attach a pin on the back of the flower.



Brooch 4: Orange Flower

Broche 4  DIY Brooch With Shoelaces 20150207 114840

Brooche 4

  1. Prepare flat shoe laces. Bend the shoelaces into a flower petal.
  2. Continue to make flower petals to be assembled into a flower. Sew or glue one another together to form a flower.
  3. Take 1 length of shoelace at  10 cm that matches the other colour, roll it to form a circle and glue or sew to the centre of the flower.
  4. Glue/sew the middle of a flower with petals. Attach a safety pin on the back of the flower.






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