Ed-YOU-cation Month!

Ed-YOU-cation Month!

This month we have decided to designate it as ‘Ed-YOU-cation Month’. At Amuslima we are a strong advocate of learning anything and everything as knowledge empowers the mind and the soul. This segment is so close to our mission, as one very significant form of empowerment is education and all of our efforts here at aMuslima is to always enforce and emphasize activities  that empower the Muslima.  

We will divide our education series in two major segments but equally important.  First we will cover formal education and then informal education

Embedded in we will inject an Islamic perspective and also our own personal experiences so that  you can have a rounded understanding of the education experience.

So, let’s get started!

Our journey begins with ourselves. Bismillah.

Here are some questions which should be answered by the person who is going to continue their education:

  1. What are you passionate about?
  2. If all things were equal – and you could study anything and be anything what would YOU do? And what field of study would be needed to fulfill your dream?  You don’t know? It’s okay. Breath.  We will talk more about resources in our series.
  3. What are your forte’s – this means, what are you good at?  Now, be truthful. e.g. If you are afraid of frying oil, please don’t go to Culinary School. 
  4. Be real and also practical.  Education is expensive so the saying you have to spend money to make money – it applies to Education too.  This means, if you invest in your education you should be fairly certain that you could make a living with it thus making that investment yield a profit. 
  5. As a Muslim, we should take into consideration what fields of studies that would be beneficial to the Muslim community and also what is considered Halal.  

I know these are very tough questions! But be strong and really introspect yourself closely.  Be real and truthful to yourself. Parents and family members are major catalysts and there is always the unintentional feeling of wanting to please — which isn’t bad either.  However, I do feel strongly that it is important for all family members to not pressure each other, respect from all parties is very important.  Parent’s do not try to live your life or your dreams through your children. Allah created us all different and unique.  And young people, please exercise respect to the utmost.  In my own experience it is important to learn how to negotiate by compromising  while also reaching your own goal. E.g. If you want to be a painter and your parents do not wish that you become a painter but to be an accountant. In this case, how about negotiate and say, you will try your hand at Accounting but allow you to become a semi-professional painter by taking informal courses.  In this scenario, you have pleased your parents (Allah SWT. is pleased) and you can also live out your dream! Why? Starting salary for an Accountant with a B.A. degree is $50,000/year. Now you can actually fund your dream!

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Look forward to tips and tricks and lots of knowledge Insha Allah.


G. Hartojo-Alwakil

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