Education vs. Job

Education vs. Job

There has been much debate throughout the years on what is considered more important—the attainment of education in preparation of having a job or just building up ones job experience without the attainment of education. 

They say that a lot of what we learn is not applied in practical life thus the arising question as to what is the need of pursuing education in the form degrees in the first place. If we already have a predestined amount of income to be earned through Allah (SWT)’s Risq then why should we go through the long process of attaining not only a degree, but also multiple degrees? Is it not a waste of time and is it not more practical to take a head start in earning a living? These all seem to be rational questions and I am sure there would be reasonable answers however one thing that these questions do not address is the question of what does the process of attaining education do to an individual when in preparation for a job.

The process of attaining education may differ from individual to individual, but one thing that cannot be denied is the fact that education can help one grow not only in learning and attaining knowledge but also in the shaping of how one sees the world and how one conducts herself therein. Education shapes one’s mind and one’s overall being into a person of substance—a person of character that is equipped to make a difference in the world.

Yes, the process of education may take long, and, yes it may seem more practical to have a head start with jobs, however, the steps and journey taken for attaining ones education equips one with skills that help in avoiding mistakes when it comes to starting ones journey in the world of jobs. If one were to start forming a career without education then they are more likely to make mistakes—they are more likely to struggle and may have to fall and get up time and again.

In addition, there is the argument that one is bound to make mistakes and to struggle in spite attaining one’s education; the stance that only experience can help us grow. Yes, it is true, that one may still have to struggle, especially when seeing that the reality of life requires individuals to struggle for the simplest of things. It must be remembered, however, that there is a need to put forth an effort to grow in life and with education individuals are better equipped than those without it.

The pursuit of education as someone with disabilities has given me strength. It has helped me to grow and to develop different abilities. I was given the chance to be able and to feel able through education when before I had thought that I was not able, and never could become able. Education has become a staff for me to grip and hold so that I can help myself stand. It has also paved ways to different thought processes that have expanded my horizons both internally and externally. Education has introduced me to a world beyond the surface, to the world beneath it and has helped me appreciate the blessings of Allah (SWT) in even more depth.

I do not think I would have been here writing this today if it were not for my education. If I were writing this without education then it may not have been written in as much depth or with as much understanding. I might as well have been a different person—a less conscious person.

Therefore it can be safely concluded that, yes, one does need education throughout ones journey called life regardless of intending to apply for a job. Education not only helps one grow in character, but it helps one’s relationship with Allah (SWT). Learning helps one’s form of worship because not only do we begin to understand the world around us and ourselves through education but that we also begin to understand Allah (SWT). 

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Sa'diyya Nesar

The author studies at University of Hong Kong, and currently lives in Hong Kong.

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