Eid in Casablanca, Morocco ~ note from our muslimah

Eid in Casablanca, Morocco ~ note from our muslimah

Eid Mubarak !! From Casablanca Morocco.

Allahu Akhbar!

In Morocco many regions have different traditions.  But our family is from Casablanca, Morocco.  We start the morning with our fajr prayers then head down to the Saloon to drink some warm porridge – we call this Hasuah.  This porridge can be made out of oatmeal or semolina.  Our family makes our ‘Hasuah’ from oatmeal and creamy milk we add spices such as oregano, salt and pepper.  We drink / eat this porridge hot!  We also don’t forget to drink our famous Moroccan tea.  Which is served in mini tea glasses. And of course, we don’t forget the infamous Moroccan cookies.  Many of the cookies here in Morocco use more almonds than flour so the cookies are rich and light.

After having this light meal it is off to the Mosque to pray Jemaah (Together) the Eid Prayer.


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Praying eid in Masjid Hassan II

Eid in Casablanca, Morocco ~ note from our muslimah MOROCCO CASABLANCA Hassan II Mosque seaside Casablanca 2011 jpg 080107

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca Morocco. It sits on land and water.

Assallamu Alaikum

Enjoy your eid. May Allah grant you your wishes and accept your fast and prayer. Ameen.




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