Eid in Indonesia ~ note from our muslimah.

Eid in Indonesia ~ note from our muslimah.

@Amuslima.com we are wishing you EID Mubarak from all faces of this beautiful earth.

From Indonesia we say:

Minal Aidin Wal Faizin ~ Mohon Maaf Lahir & Bathin.

Eid Mubarak from aMuslima in Jakarta Indonesia  Eid in Indonesia ~ note from our muslimah. 512px Istiqlal Mosque Eid ul Fitr Jamaah 1 The Istiqlal Mosque Eid Prayer 2012 in Jakarta, Indonesia

 Eid is well-known in Indonesia as Idul Fitri (or more famous as Lebaran) and is a national holidayEid in Indonesia ~ note from our muslimah. arrow.

In Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei, Eid is more popular known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri (Jawi: هاري راي عيدالفطري), Hari Raya Idul Fitri or Hari Raya Puasa. Hari Raya means ‘Celebration Day’. Idul Fitri is the biggest holidayEid in Indonesia ~ note from our muslimah. arrow in Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei; and one of the biggest in Singapore (wikipedia).

Shopping malls and traditional marketsEid in Indonesia ~ note from our muslimah. arrow are usually filled with people to get things for Lebaran such as ; new clothes, shoes, sandals even food!

People then ‘Mudik’ or in english migrate back to their home towns to visit and spend this glorious week of celebration with family and friends.

Prior to Eid or Hari Raya we call it the Takbir night which is the night where we no longer pray Tarawih but rather stay up all night reciting and calling Allah name ~ God is Great.  We pray and appreciate that Ramadhan has finished and hope to Allah Swt that has receivedEid in Indonesia ~ note from our muslimah. arrow our fasting and prayers with glad tidings.

Eid Prayer – this is the prayer that we pray after sunrise in a common area together.  Since this prayer is attended by ALL Muslims many masjids cannot accomodate the people and it usually overflows to the street or to stadiums.

After the Eid prayer, it is common to greet people with “Selamat Idul Fitri” ( in Indonesia) or “Salam Aidilfitri” or “Selamat Hari Raya”(in Malaysia) which means “Happy Eid”.  Muslims also greet one another with “mohon maaf lahir dan batin” in Indonesia and “maaf zahir dan batin” in Malaysia, which means “Forgive my physical and emotional (wrongdoings)“. (wikipedia)

In Indonesia there is a special ritual called halal bi-halal. During this, Muslim-Indonesians visit their elders, in the family, the neighbourhood, or their work, and show respect to them. They will also seek reconciliation (if needed), and preserve or restore harmonious relations (wikipedia).

The rest of the day is spent visiting relatives or serving visitors. Idul Fitri is a very joyous day for children as the adults give them money, in colourful envelopes and children gladly receiveEid in Indonesia ~ note from our muslimah. arrow it with glad tidings.

Happy eid.



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