Elegant Hijab Style with Pashmina

Elegant Hijab Style with Pashmina

The following hijab style with pashmina is elegant, simple and can be worn at both formal and informal events. Here’s how:

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Step 1-5

  1. Prepare an inner-wear that covers your neck, and use a wide headband as inner-wear. The first scarf can be a pashmina of a color that matches the clothing to be worn, and pins
  2. When wearing an inner-wear, tighten it if it is loose around your face
  3. Wear a wide headband at an asymmetric position over the first layer of inner-wear
  4. Place the edge of the wide side of the pashmina your head, bring the corner of the wide side at the back of your head, then pin it.
  5. Bring the long part of pashmina to your left shoulder, then pull it up to the top of your head.

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    Step 6-8

  6. Fasten it with a decorative clip at the top left side of your head, afterward wind down the pashmina further to the left side of your front shoulder. Pin it if it is needed.
  7. Twist half of the pashmina, while letting the middle end hang loose, and pin it with a fancy brooch.
  8. Done

Stylist: Uwi SMN


Delina Partadiredja

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