Essence of Eid Adha

Essence of Eid Adha

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I hope that you have been had a great Eid Adha!

The pilgrims who completed the Hajj are probably not only happy but are filled with hope and wishes that Allah has forgiven them and will grant their wishes Insha Allah.  The rest of us, fasted on the day of Arafat in our own respective countries. Come the day of Eid, some of us are participating in the physical act of slaughtering their lambs and some of us have given money to our Masjids or local  / international charities to do it on our behalf. My family have done both acts. This year we chose to give money to our local Masjid to do the act.

As we are not personally doing the act of slaughtering the morning of Eid Adha was free.  We had the pleasure of praying then we continued our day.  Interestingly this year it was (although quite a commotion) pretty quiet.  On the first day of Eid we stayed to ourselves but on the second day we did go out to the local lake to enjoy a barbecue with several other families that I personally didn’t know.  It was quite pleasant. Masha Allah.  Interestingly although I didn’t know anyone it was refreshing to see these sisters were kind, inviting and pretty laid back.  What interested me the most was their humbleness and kindness.  I was thinking to myself, this is Islam. How refreshing.

Key take aways as we move away from Eid Adha:

  1. All people want to be treated kindly. To be heard. To feel special.  It’s sunnah to smile. To listen. To acknowledge. So, make an effort to do so.
  2. Don’t boast or show off. It isn’t pleasant to be like that. Takkabur is disliked by Allah and liked by Syaitan.  Who will you be a customer of?
  3. People have different definitions of success. Success for Muslims shouldn’t be measured from a monetary standpoint – it’s more about how much Iman you have.
  4. The little things that we do that Allah has commanded us to do make us a whole Muslim.  It’s about being consistent. About being persistent. Better to read the Quran 5 minutes per day (everyday of your life!) than to read it for 5 hours at one time (and never to pick it up again)
  5. Hardship is felt by everyone at one point or another. Islam has given us to tools to troop on. Use them. Don’t know what they are? Ask.
  6. Advice and knowledge should be received with an open and humble heart without prejudice who is giving it.  Sometimes the young, poor, or ugly are wiser.
  7. Apparently being overly consumptive isn’t Islamic at all. Eid celebrations doesn’t mean we all have to go out and hit the mall. Wearing simple, clean clothing and a warm-wide smile is better than the new makeup, dress, hijab, shoes.

These are all my own opinions. I ask forgiveness if I am incorrect.  Allah knows best.


Allahu Alim



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