Fabrics of your Life

Fabrics of your Life

Fabrics have their own motives. The followings are variety of motif, material, and tips for you to pick which motif that is suitable for your body.

Line/ Stripe Motif

It is composed of straight lines, broken or grooved. This motif helps a lot of women with outsized but also for thin.

Dress with horizontal line pattern can be selected for you who have ideal size, thin, and petite. With horizontal lines will make you look fuller. While dress with a pattern of vertical lines is a good choice for outsized women. The vertical line motif will impress a leaner appearance.

Square/Checked Motif

This motif is more complete than lines motif. In addition to vertical lines there are also intersecting to horizontal line. It provides a balance impression. For those of you who have full-size, choose small plaid/checked. While if you are skinny, take large plaid.

Abstract Motif  

Abstract motif composed of uncertain form, but still forms a regular painting and beautiful, sometimes just a scratch or blocks of color such as ink spilled paint. For the manufacture of clothing material, it can be more efficient because it does not require a symmetrical arrangement between left / right. This motif can be used for all body figures.

abstracct  Fabrics of your Life abstracct

Abstract Motif by Tina Amalia

Flower Motif

Flower motif made of regular shapes or smooth. Its paintings are also certain and approaching the true form. If the color is made conspicuous and combined or matched, would be more suitable for children and youths. Impression of its crowd is according to the dynamics and excitement of youth.

Flower motif by Tina Amalia  Fabrics of your Life bunga motif

Flower Motif by Tina Amalia

Circle Motif

Circle motif is a blend of flower motif and stripes motif. Point/dot/spot is included in this motif. This motif includes a simple, but can lead to differentiate your style!

Dots Motif by Tina Amalia  Fabrics of your Life polkadot

Circles/Dots Motif by Tina Amalia

Farah Diana Djamil

Farah Diana Djamil is a Muslimah entrepreneur who has experience in fashion and beauty. She, who has completed her Master degree, has a training center named Farahdi Center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Center focuses on Muslimah modelling, class of personality, creations of veils, dressmaking, cosmetology, presenter, Muslim wedding, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as training for stewardess. Her email is farahdi_center@yahoo.com.

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