Fasting for Elders

Fasting for Elders

Islam relieves elderly people (or unable) to not perform fasting in the Month of Ramadan and replace

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it with fidyah or feed the poor. As reported by Salamah bin Al-Akwa after the revelation of Surat al-Baqarah 184, which means,

And mandatory for people who are difficult to do fast (if they do not do fast) pay fidyah, (that): to feed a poor.

Another verse also mentioned that fidyah is obligatory,

Whoever among you is present (in the country where he lives) in the month, then let him fast in that month (Hadith Narated jama’ah except by Ahmad ).

Of Atha, that he had heard Ibn Abbas read,

Ibn Abbas said: This verse does not mansukh because it is addressed to the elderly people and women who are unable to fast. Then he feed (the poor) (Hadith Narated by Bukhari .

Muslimah, there is a difference of opinion whether the elderly must feed the poor. As narrated by Ibn Abbas that he once said,

For elderly people there is relief for not fasting. Also, feeding the poor every day is not mandatory to qadha (Hadith Narated by Ad-Daruquthni  and Al-Hakim, according to both this hadith is authentic).

Ramadan Kareem

Source: Fiqhul Mar’ah Al-Muslimah by Ibrahim Muhammad Al Jamal

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