Getting our children started on Du’a

Getting our children started on Du’a


As Muslim parents, we have the responsibility of providing an Islamic environment for our children to grow in. One of the things we can do this is by encouraging our children to supplicate (Du’a). Supplication is an act of worship, which reminds us that everything we do and everything that happens is by Allah’s leave.

While Du’a is not restricted to specific verses, there are well-known supplications of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) and Muslim scholars. These can be the start for teaching our children to recite Du’a. There are many books and websites (including our ‘Du’a of the week’ section), in English and other languages, on daily Du’a for children. While it is easy to get these collections of Du’a for our children, we must also be the living examples of practising this act of worship. One of the ways children learn is by observing and a child who observes the people in his environment recite Du’a on a daily basis is more likely to do it too.

Here are some tips to get our children started on this practice:

  • Read the Du’a aloud for the child to follow and memorise and do this everyday
  • Start with one or two Du’a and progress to more when the child is ready
  • Get older siblings and other adults in the family in the act too

Some of the Du’a that we can incorporate into our children’s daily lives include:

  • When waking up from sleep
  • Before eating
  • After eating
  • When setting off for school or other journeys
  • When going to sleep
Azyyati Hasshim

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