Halal Food Recipe Series : Chicken with Soy Sauce

Halal Food Recipe Series : Chicken with Soy Sauce


AMuslima Halal Food Series.

O’Muslima, do you want to go on a culinary adventure? Today is a great day for a twist on the traditional Americana BBQ chicken drumsticks. Today we are bringing you a sticky sweet taste from the Southeast Asia. We replaced the molasses or in some cases brown tangy BBQ sauce with a sweet / salty thick soy base (oh totally Halal!) soy sauce. It’s name? Kecap (pronounced: khey-chap). The Kecap taste between salty soya sauce and thick sweet molasses.
So let’s give this sweet recipe a try!

Here is what we need:

1 whole chicken (or 10 drumsticks)

Sweet soy sauce

Salt, Pepper

Vegetable oil

I.      Cut into small pieces/slice:

1 onion (big size or 5 small sizes)

1 lemon grass (cut it in half length and crushed)

2 bay leaves

3 cm galangal (peeled and crushed)

½ tomatoes

Halal Food Recipe Series : Chicken with Soy Sauce About Food 009II.    Mashed (you can use blender or food processor):

5 cloves garlic

2 red chillies (if desired)

3 cm ginger

5 pc macadamia nut (hazelnut)

Heat 2 tbsp vegetable oil in a wok and sweat all the spices I until you can smell the spices. Then, add spices II, salt, and pepper. Add the chicken until brown. Add 5 tbsp of sweet soy sauce or more, stir until all mixed. Serve the chicken accompanied by rice.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to give us feedback.





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