Have We Left Our Children Orphans?

Have We Left Our Children Orphans?


 A few weeks ago I receivedHave We Left Our Children Orphans? arrow a forwarded message in my gadget: “Children are not children left orphaned by the death of his parents until he became poor. However, the actual orphan is a child who found her mother who is less educated him and found his father busy with his workHave We Left Our Children Orphans? arrow

Children are like a clean white paper. It is up to the adults around them who will shape the child, whether to be white, red, purple, green ..? As parents, are we ready to educateHave We Left Our Children Orphans? arrow and teach our children the pillars for their life?

Hadith Prophet SAW also reinforce the duty of parents in educatingHave We Left Our Children Orphans? arrow their children “every child born in a state of nature (net). The person who made him his parents as a Jew, Christian or Zoroastrian “(HR. Bukhari and Muslim)

Teachings can be given to the child since whilst still mother’s womb. We are able to play Qur’an recitation to the baby as the  start of our conversation with the baby. By exposing the baby to what we are listening, reading  and learning to we will have given the baby a head start. It would be nice if religion began debriefing at that time. By reading of verses of holy Qur’an  andwill be a capitalHave We Left Our Children Orphans? arrow and a handle for the child later in life, especially when children begin to learn to pray.

So, sisters  pregnant or not get used to recite or listen to reading the verses of the Quran. Then proceed to read complete verses in the Qur’an when the baby is born.  Then as the children start to learn to communicate start to introduce them to small versus, games and stories so that they may start to understand what they are being taught. Insha Allah by starting early it makes the learning process easier thus making it more interesting to learn.

Some things to try:

  • For very young children – Arabic Alphabet songs, toys that have arabic alphabets, nasheed that are soothing and easy to memorize.
  • School age children – flash cards, Islamic games, short Islamic story booksHave We Left Our Children Orphans? arrow, nasheed, and memorization games to increase knowledge
  • Older children – Qur’an memorization, participation in Islamic competitions and Islamic classes to enforce learning and practice Islamic Adab.

Remember children are like an empty glass and we need to fill it with good things.  And this note isn’t just the responsibility of parents but of every Muslim.   It takes a community to educateHave We Left Our Children Orphans? arrow children.  By taking all these little steps we will not orphan our children.  So, as a community let’s start with those closest to us – our neighbors, our schools, our masjids, our halaka’s….. so, let’s start. Bismillah.

“O ye who believe, guard yourselves and your families from hell fire fuel is men and stones, guardian angels are rough and tough and do not disobey Allah in what He commands them and always do what they’re told.” ( QS. At-Tahrim; 6)


Euis Fauziah

The author is a mother of three, living in Indonesia. She loves children; and education is her expertise.

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