How To Have Beautiful Eyes In Accordance With The Sunnah Of The Prophet (SAW)

How To Have Beautiful Eyes In Accordance With The Sunnah Of The Prophet (SAW)

There are many ways to make our eyes look not only beautiful but also healthy and since the time of the Prophet (SAW), eye care has been known and practiced by using Kohl. It is mentioned in several hadiths:

Ibn Abbas (RA) narrated, “Whenever the Messenger of Allah used to wear Kohl, he would use it thrice in the right eye – beginning with it and finishing with it – and twice in the left eye.”

Also Abu Dawud narrated that the Prophet (SAW) said, “Those who use Kohl should use it an odd number of times.”

Imam Ahmad said that a person who uses Kohl in his eyes, do three times in the right eye and the left eye two times, or three times in each eye.

Applying Kohl (Kajal) to infants or children is prevalent, especially in the Middle East or within Indian families. Although there are pros and cons to of the use of Kohl in relation to eye health, the use of Kohl is continually used up to this day.

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Applying Kohl, google image

It is said in the Oman Journal of Ophthalmology, most commercially manufactured ‘Kajal’ have high levels of lead. Studies have publicized that ‘Kajal’ consists of galena (PbS), minium (Pb3O4), amorphous carbon, magnetite (Fe3O4), and zincite (ZnO). Thus, continued application may trigger unnecessary lead storage in the body, influencing the brain and bone marrow, and affecting convulsions and anemia. In addition, unclean fingers, and sharp or rough fingernails of the caregivers are potentially unsafe to the child’s eyes. However, one study has examined the authenticity of such information and has claimed that ‘Kajal’ is safe for use. The U.S. FDA does not allow its use in any cosmetics or in any other FDA-regulated product.

A total of 107 Kohl samples (branded and unbranded) were picked from diverse regions of Saudi Arabia and examined for the existence of lead. Aluminium and antimony levels were defined and lead levels up to 53% were identified in several Kohl formulations. Also, a number of samples were discovered to include camphor and menthol. The blood examination of consistent Kohl consumers showed a high lead concentration and comparatively low haemoglobin levels. Due to the health hazard, an official public awareness campaign is advised to urge the use of lead-free Kohl.

The best types of Kohl is ithmid i.e. stone black Kohl and comes from Asfahan (Iran). The best Ithmid is that which is fragmentized quickly, and which has shiny pieces inside. This type of ithmid is also smooth and does not contain any dirtiness.

Kohl serves to maintain eye health, to strengthen and clarify sight, and to remove dirt that harms the eyes. Kohl tends to be cold and dry and very beneficial for the eyes as it can strengthen the optic nerve. Ithmid is the best kind of Kohl that can be used for the eyes, especially for the elderly who have weak eyesight, and in this case, Kohl can be mixed with Musk. When someone wears Kohl before bed, it is beneficial for eye health because at that time the eyes do not move much so as to provide maximum benefit.

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Ithmid by Google image

Ibn Majah narrated in his Sunan that Abdullah bin Umar (RA) related from the Prophet (SAW), “Use ithmid (antimony), because it clears the eye and grows the eyelashes.” [Al-Hakim].

Ibn Majah narrated in his Sunan that Ibn Abbas related from the Prophet (SAW) that he said: “The best of your Kohl is the ithmid (antimony), because it clears the sight and causes the eyelashes to grow.” [At-Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, Ibn Hibban, Al-Hakim, At-Tabarani and Abu Na’im].

Ithmid also softens excess flesh around sores and closes wounds while cleansing the areas around them. In addition, Ithmid can reduce headaches when mixed with liquid honey (not condensed) and when crushed and mixed with tender fat, it can be used as a bandage for burns. Ithmid also prevents blisters and helps to treat skin damaged by fire.

To conclude, the use of Kohl is beneficial for the eye health, but in modern times many Kohl products contain substances that are harmful. Therefore, if we want to use Kohl, we should be careful to choose only safe Kohl.


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