Hijabi Style: Matching up your Colors!

Hijabi Style: Matching up your Colors!

In previous article we have discussed basic fashion and this time we present a suitable color combination for Muslimah clothing.


Select standard and neutral colors so it is easy to combine with other colors. Then, you have to know your color skin and find which color matches with your skin. After that you also need to know color mixture that will be described below.

Color Harmony

We can combine different colors but they are harmonize because the colors are still in one group/family.

For example:

  • Pastel green with pastel yellow
  • Light blue with soft pink

Motif Color Harmony

We can also combine between patterned or motif with matching plain color. Take one color of the motif cloth as its alloy.

For example:

  • Pink floral combined with plain pink
  • Abstract yellow brown combined with plain yellow/brown
  • Abstract dark blue combined with plain blue/black


Patterned combined with plain color  Hijabi Style: Matching up your Colors! busana 1 3

Patterned combined with plain color

Color Gradations 

This is a blend between colors that have the same color gradations. This combination usually is preferred by full size women because this alloy gives the impression that will streamline their body shapes.

For example:

  • Dark green with light green
  • Dark blue with light blue
  • Dark pink with light pink


Color Combination  Hijabi Style: Matching up your Colors! busana 1 2

Color Combination

Combination of Contrasting Colors

The next color combination is contrasting one color with a different color, or contrast while maintaining harmony and not tacky.

For example:

  • Black with white
  • Red with black
Farah Diana Djamil

Farah Diana Djamil is a Muslimah entrepreneur who has experience in fashion and beauty. She, who has completed her Master degree, has a training center named Farahdi Center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Center focuses on Muslimah modelling, class of personality, creations of veils, dressmaking, cosmetology, presenter, Muslim wedding, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as training for stewardess. Her email is farahdi_center@yahoo.com.

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