I am a Hijabi!

I am a Hijabi!
I have been wearing Hijab for approximately four years and I am proud to say “I am a hijabi!” At times, wearing the hijab was challenging and felt degrading to my confidence, but the few challenges that I faced made me bond stronger to my head scarf. Some may say “the head scarf is oppressing women!” But, let me tell you, as someone who is currently wearing the hijab, my head scarf makes me feel stronger and empowering; and I guarantee that other ladies who wear the hijab can say the exact same. Wearing the hijab, however, is not just covering our hair, it can be thought of as a verb. We act upon it everyday when we put a piece of fabric on our head and head out the door. We look up to our role model Marriam (Jesus’ beloved mother), and follow her footsteps by acting with kindness, acting with modesty, and acting with humility – just like the famous saying “kill them with kindness.”
Khawla hijabi I am a Hijabi! khawla



Khawla Assisou

Peace be upon everyone! My name is Khawla Assisou and I currently live in North Carolina. I am in my freshman year of college and absolutely admire it. Presently, I am working on finishing my prerequisites for medical school and earning a bachelors degree in journalism. My ultimate wish is for Allah (SWT) and my parents to be pleased with me. I also wish that peace, harmony, justice, and love is present around the world; and hatred, violence, and discrimination is abolished permanently.

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