How do we Maintain our Iman (Belief)

How do we Maintain our Iman (Belief)

It’s very easy to feel unheard and alone especially when undergoing struggles—that is the time when we feel like we are drowning at sea and that there is no hope. It is easy in that state to also start losing hope in Allah (SWT) thereby affecting ones iman (belief) in the most High.

At such times it is always best to hold onto the rope of Allah (SWT) and pray—hold onto the belief that He is there to listen, as He is always, even if it may not seem like it at that instance. Find consolation in knowing that He is nearer to you than your jugular vein and that He hears the cries of your heart—the cries of your soul. Pray to Allah (SWT) while holding firmly to the rope of Allah (SWT) because you are bound to hear His reply with time—it may be that Allah (SWT) is testing your faith in that instant as that is what He does to those who truly believe.

Allah (SWT) sends His replies in due timing with utmost wisdom but if you feel alone and want to not only reach out to the Most High but also want Him to reach out to you without having to wait, then the best way is to readthe Qur’an. It is said that if a believer wants to communicate with Allah (SWT) then the best way would be through prayer, and if a believer would want Allah (SWT) to communicate to him in that instant then the best way would be through reading His book—the Glorious Qu’ran.

There are often instances where a random verse may speak out to you and console your heart—I often find myself released from my worries after accidently coming across a random verse of the Qur’an that seems to answer my question and release the anguish within my soul. If you firmly believe that Allah (SWT) will reply, He does reply, but one must also keep in mind that we must be patient and trust the wisdom in His timings. Once you get His reply you will know that waiting for it was worth it—therefore hold firmly to Allah (SWT) with patience and never lose hope in Him.

It is very easy to slip in iman when not in good company—therefore make sure that you have company that reminds you of Allah (SWT) and the teachings of Islam. When you surround yourself with people that lift your spirits up it is then only natural for you to grow in iman. When in such company make sure to discuss and gain knowledge with anything regarding Islam because with that you only increase in piety, and with piety you increase in faith. Furthermore Islam is a religion of reason and by gaining knowledge you will only find yourself increasingly confirming your belief in Islam because of its rationality.

Do not only surround yourself with people of piety but also surround yourself with nature—an environment where Allah (SWT) displays all of His signs while asking us to reflect. Take the time to sit and observe the creation—the clouds, hills, and trees where each has its own mark with wisdom for us to reflect upon. What better way to feel closer to Allah (SWT) than to remember Him amidst His creation—a place where your soul would be quenched and lifted up to a level of high iman.

Most importantly make sure to supplicate, asking for guidance, patience, and consolation. Find comfort in knowing that Allah (SWT) does not abandon a soul especially when it takes only one minuscule step of faith towards Him to cause Him to reach out and to lift up that soul because, as He promised, with hardship there will always come ease. 

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Sa'diyya Nesar

The author studies at University of Hong Kong, and currently lives in Hong Kong.

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