20 Tips And Tricks For A Muslimah – What and How to Pack for Traveling

20 Tips And Tricks For A Muslimah – What and How to Pack for Traveling
Pack your stuff  20 Tips And Tricks For A Muslimah - What and How to Pack for Traveling 20141211 102046

Pack your stuff

When you have determined your vacation destination, have bought your transportation tickets, booked accommodations, and are ensured of the itinerary, now you have to pack everything that you want to take during your stay. Here are some tips and tricks for packing your clothes in a suitcase:

  1. Scan/copy your documents such as passports, ID cards, travel tickets, and hotel reservation codes then send it to your email or save it in your mobile.
  2. Label names, addresses, and phone numbers that can be contacted in each suitcase.
  3. Separate your valuable items like money, credit cards, and ATM cards in different pockets to reduce the risk of having things lost or stolen.
  4. Bring your family first aid medications, especially when travelling with children and do not forget to provide fever medications, bandages, and cough/cold medicines. Remember not to put your syrup bottle into cabin bags or handbags, as many airlines only allow liquids in small, specific quantities.
  5. Bring toiletries in small bottles or packages, put them inside a toiletries case or disposable transparent plastic case to prevent fluid leaks upon the clothes that we carry.

    Fold a shirt  20 Tips And Tricks For A Muslimah - What and How to Pack for Traveling 20141211 100807

    Fold a shirt

  6. Check the weather or temperature of your destination so that you are not bringing the wrong clothes. Make sure that you bring your comfortable clothes only to ensure that you will wear them. Also, include an umbrella or rain jacket if the weather is forecasting rain.
  7. Bring clothing that is easily matched to one another, i.e. the colors can be matched easily between tops and veils for all outfits. Also, bring tops/skirts/trousers/veils in shades of blue, grey, black, or brown so it is easy to mix and match. Bring clothing with materials that do not easily wrinkle to avoid ironing clothes before going.
  8. If we bring a shirt, fold it in the middle of the buckle, then fold the sleeves and waist, then roll if it does not easily wrinkle. These folds will not be too visible when we wear the shirt upon unpacking. Similarly, roll t-shirts, underwear, sleepwear, and socks as this will reduce the space in the suitcase. Tuck underwear into one part of the suitcase so they are easy to find when we need them.
  9. Veil and innerwear of the same color should be rolled into one and inserted in one place of our luggage.

    Roll your clothes  20 Tips And Tricks For A Muslimah - What and How to Pack for Traveling 20141211 101937

    Roll your clothes

  10. If there are no formal events, try to pack one pair of comfortable shoes to wear, and sandals for ablution. This is to reduce the weight and conserve space in our suitcases.
  11. When inserting the clothes into the suitcase, put the clothes in the bottom while placing nightgowns on top to avoid wrinkling your clothes when we removing the nightgown.
  12. Take advantage of a drug organizer like those commonly sold at dollar stores for storing pins, hair ties, or other small items.
  13. Take advantage of your unused glasses case to keep lipstick, nail clippers, or other cosmetics.
  14. Unused socks can be utilized for storing mobile phones or laptop chargers.
  15. Always carry an extra bag that is easily folded. It is very useful when our suitcases are not enough for carrying souvenirs that may be bought at the destination. An extra bag is also needed during the flight, as sometimes we get complimentary gifts/toys given when on the plane. And don’t forget to bring plastic bags which will be indispensable for storing dirty clothes, wet clothes, soap, shampoo, and other items.

    Small items  20 Tips And Tricks For A Muslimah - What and How to Pack for Traveling 20141211 110628

    Small items

  16. If you will transition from one place and will need to spend a few hours at the hotel or at the airport, do not forget to bring extra clothes (1 or 2 pieces) so that you will be fresh for the trip.
  17. Drinking water can be brought from the plane before landing and will be needed when in queue at an immigration station, while waiting for luggage, or when no shops or restaurants can be immediately found in the area. This is especially important when travelling with kids.
  18. Always have the following items available in a handbag: prayer equipment such as socks, thin prayer rug, compass (or you have had on the phone), small Koran / download in your mobile, wallet, passport, tickets, mobile phone, sanitizer, tissues, pens, small notepads to record your trip, bandages (because often our fingers get injured when we pack or unpack items), extra bags, and makeup (if you like).
  19. When visiting a cold area, pack jackets and sweaters into one cabin bag so when arriving at the airport you can immediately use them and do not have to wait for the luggage to come out.

    keep your charger save  20 Tips And Tricks For A Muslimah - What and How to Pack for Traveling 20141211 111430

    keep your charger save

  20. Bring dry, ready to eat food for a side dish or snack since you may not always be sure of locations for halal restaurants at your destination. If necessary, bring extra spoons, forks, and lightweight plastic dishes because sometimes we buy food from outside of the hotel or we are not able to borrow utensils from the hotel. And do not forget to search on the internet for halal restaurant addresses and telephone numbers.

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