How much will it cost me to go to Hajj?

How much will it cost me to go to Hajj?

Hajj My Financial Journey | Part 1

Time is ticking sisters and brothers.  I have been in deep contemplation about how fast time is running away from me.  All I can ask is how have I prepared to face my Lord? And yet, I sit. I procrastinate. But, now I am wide awake! So…One of my top items in my Muslima’s bucket-list, is to go for Hajj.  Insha Allah I will go! When? Allah knows best.  But, I can do my best to prepare. Right?

Firstly, I wanted to find out which travel website would give me a good range of prices in order to know my costs.  Therefore, I can save money and plan my budget accordingly.  So, Bismillah! My first stop was to go to and to see the cost of the airfares from Washington DC to Jeddah.  Oh, I am thinking to myself, those prices that I see aren’t so bad — here, let me show you some sample airfares I got (you need to go to and select all the different sites to compare prices) – ah, prices are really not so bad… So, on average it’s about $1,500-$2200 per roundtrip ticket.  So, I figure I can take my family of four (4) and camp out at my very good friends house in Jeddah in which she has mentioned many times that it’s only 1 hour away from Makkah. Wow, how convenient! I’ll rent a car and mosey on down to Makkah and boot strap my trip and complete my last obligatory Pillar in Islam!

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Sister’s and Brother’s this images on the RIGHT is the INCORRECT way to BUY your HAJJ or UMRAH tickets!

























Ok, here are the reasons (I FOUND OUT!) why!

  • You need to have Iqamah or simple terms a Visa that is specific for Hajj OR Umrah entry. You can no longer go to Saudi Arabia as a tourist (visitor) and include a trip to do a “quick” Umrah or Hajj trip.  For one, Saudi Arabia has (new information) separated the airport into to 2 major departure and arrival areas. One for business visitors or those expats living in Saudi.  And the Second one is strictly dedicated for Hajj and Umrah visitors/pilgrim.  Without the correct paperwork it would have been a futile visit (not futile to see the friend but not being able to go for Hajj or Umrah)
  • To enter any of the Holy Cities you must have your Iqamah / correct visa’s that state you are here to perform the pilgrimage.
  • The flight above only gives you the International leg of the journey (in and out of the country) but does not take into consideration traveling within Saudi from Jeddah to Makkah and Makkah to Medina — these cities have good distance between them.  Also, there are strict checkpoints at these locations.  You can’t just “mosey” on in.
  • The hotel / accommodation in Mekkah or in Medinah are very expensive and many times difficult to obtain.  It isn’t like in the USA where you can simply go online or be on your mobile and book a room for a couple of nights.  I have heard that prices to stay in the MovenPick hotels (located on the Makkah – Haram Mosque Plaza) run from $700-$1500 / per night!

So what IS the right way?

You need to contact one of the travel agencies that are officially recognized by the Saudi Embassy in Washington DC to issue Hajj and Umrah packages.

Here is a quick list:  (for updates please check this site often for updates are made randomly!)

Travel Agencies for Umrah

Adam Tour
108 West 3rd St., Suite 1110
New York, NY 10018

Starts at     $6,900

Tel:  (212) 938-0999
Fax: (212) 938-0966

Adam Travel
120 Blackstone Street
Boston, MA 02109

 Mid price $7,900

Tel:  (617) 367-7155
Fax: (617) 227-6509

Aleman Groups USA
1 West 34th St. Suite 603
New York, NY 10001

 Start at $7,600

Tel:  (212) 967-9679
Cell: (646) 773-5314
Fax: (212) 273-3775

Ainul Haramain Hajj & Umrah
37-18 73st, Suite 301
Jackson Height, NY 11372

 Start at $6,900

Tel:  (718) 581-8906
Fax: (212) 656-1010

Aqra Travel
521 Fifth Ave. Suite 1733
New York, NY 10175


Tel:  (718) 785-05 16
Cell: (347)224-7628

19 West 34th St., Suite 1017
New York, NY 10001


Tel:  (212) 244-5554
Fax: (212) 244-0009

Atlantic Travel
At the Watergate Mall
2560 Virginia Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20037


Tel: (202) 337-5900

Chicago Hajj & Umrah Group
2818 West Peterson Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659

 Start at: $5,999

Tel:  (773) 680-4700
Fax: (773) 465-8505

Dar Elsalam
280 Madison Ave, Suite 600
New York, NY 10016

 Start at:$5,800

Tel:  (212) 725-2022
Fax: (212) 725-6581

Evia Travel (New York Branch)
211 E. 43th St. Suite 507
New York, NY 10017


Tel:  (347) 403-8945

Flying Angel Travel Services
24 Branford Place, Suite 602
Newark, NJ 07102

Start at: $6,280

Tel:  (973) 624-9111
Fax: (973) 624-1072

High Fly Travel
1897 Woodbridge Ave., Suite 10
Edison, NJ 08817

This is interesting as it gives packages in Saudi only. You have to find flights to Jeddah on your own.

Tel:  (732) 266-2548
Fax: (732) 985-5855

Karnafully Travel Inc.
37-15 73rd St., Suite 208
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Tel:  (718) 205-6050
Fax: (718) 205-038
Cell: (917) 691-7721

Makkah Tours & Travel Inc.
2501 W. Devon Ave.
Chicago, IL 60659

 Start at: $6,200

Tel: (773) 338-0720
Fax: (773) 338-0723
Cell: (847) 361-7862

Metro International travel, Inc.
6506 Loisdale Rd.Suite 205
Springfield, VA 22150

 Start at:$7,700

Tel: (703) 243-2200
Fax: (703) 528-5911

Peak Time Travel & Tour, Inc.
74-09 37th Ave., Suite 314
Jackson Heights, NY 11372


Tel:  (718) 803-0400
Fax: (718) 803-0493

Prime Time Travel & Tours
37-07 74th St. Suite 6
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

 Start at: $6,999

Tel:  (718) 505-1800
Fax: (718) 505-1818

Sara International Travel
106-08 Liberty Ave.
Ozone Park, NY 11417
Start at: $8,799

Tel:  (718) 848-1222
Fax: (718) 848-0928

Travel Home Inc
408 Cedar Lane, Suite
Teaneck, NJ 07666


Tel:  (201) 287-1411
Fax: (201) 287-1313

Got the jist? We can see at a glance how much it roughly costs per person.  Add 20-30% to that cost and you have arrived at your estimated cost per person.  Part 2 of this article will discuss how we can achieve and save the amount of money needed. In the meantime you can use the links above to gauge some of the different packages offered by these travel agents.

For those sisters not living in the USA, please email me or post to me on Facebook some tips and best agents to use so we can all discuss how we can meet (insha Allah!) in Makkah for Hajj or Umrah.










A Muslim Woman living and working the USA. Married with two children. I completed my MBA in 1998 and have worked with major Fortune 500 corporations in America. In becoming pregnant with child #1, moved to working from home - although during that period its as if I never left corporate America. Allhamdullilah was able to raise my children AND work full time. Had and Allhamdullilah still have the support of my husband of insha Allah 14 years. Now, re-building Amuslima as it is 10 years in the making. Allah is the best of planners. My goal? To always be curious. What is yours?

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