Khutbah: Social Justice in light of Baltimore

Khutbah: Social Justice in light of Baltimore
baltimore riot  Khutbah: Social Justice in light of Baltimore baltimore riot 2

Rioting in Baltimore Maryland, USA

Please listen.  BELOW is an awesome podcast from Qalam Institute which addresses Social Justice in light of the Baltimore, MD. USA incident. Here are some snippets from Associated Press:

“Hundreds of youths outside a mall in northwest Baltimore are clashing violently with police in riot gear, throwing rocks, bricks and bottles at the officers.Authorities say at least seven officers have been injured.Officers are using pepper-spray to keep the protesters back. A flier circulated on social media called for a period of violence Monday afternoon to begin at the Mondawmin Mall and move downtown toward City Hall. Earlier in the day, thousands gathered for Freddie Gray’s funeral. Gray died of an unexplained spinal injury while in police custody. Outside the mall, a young person threw a flaming trash can at the line of officers, igniting a patch of grass nearby. Police said at least one officer was injured after being hit by a flying brick.”  More about this rioting follow it here.

baltimore riot  Khutbah: Social Justice in light of Baltimore baltimore riot1

Riots in Baltimore, Maryland USA

This is a terrible and tragic event which no one is  immune to.

Please listen to this Qalam Institute podcast.  Insha Allah it will be beneficial for you. #alllivesmatter

Click here or the image to listen to the podcast.

qalam institute  Khutbah: Social Justice in light of Baltimore qalaminstitute

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Let’s take small actions everyday.




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