Last 10 days of Ramadhan & Eid Preparations.

Last 10 days of Ramadhan & Eid Preparations.
Last 10 days of Ramadhan & Eid Preparations. KL dataran

My hometown ~ Kuala Lumpur

Alhamdulillah I have been back in my birth country for 9 days now.  It’s been a Blessed week of having Iftar at my mum’s with not just my siblings and their families but also my uncles,aunts and cousins.  It’s certainly something I miss in Jeddah.  Tomorrow InsyaAllah we will Iftar at my uncles.  This has been a tradition for my late dad’s extended family.  Something my uncle thought of to build on the silaturrahim across the generations.2 weekends of each Ramadhan is dedicated to such family Iftars.  As I look back now, it’s such a wise decision on my uncle’s part.  Especially since my late dad’s generation are getting on in age and most are informed.  The 4 th generation have now sprung.And it’s my generation that’s taking over the at the helm.
As we enter the last 10 days of Ramadhan,the demands on our time is greater than ever as we strive harder to attain that elusive perfection in our Ibadah and as we prepare to greet Eid.

Talking of Eid preparation, we went out the other day to look for hubby’s traditional Malay Eid clothing.  I was overwhelmed by the crowd of people.  Thankfully hubby’s not
the fussy sort.  We managed to find something that fitted him at the 1 st store and hastily beat our retreat.  I breathed
a deep sigh of relief that I had already sorted out my daughter’s clothes and mine by getting them tailored 6 months in advance!  Next year I’ll just resort to jalabiyyas.  Then again I still have lots of clothes in good condition.

The last 10 days of Ramadhan should be maximized for Ibadah.  A phenomenon that I encounter in my birth country is that frequently the rows of ladies performing solat Tarawikh would dwindle as Ramadhan enters it’s 3 rd week. For me personally, I get my clothes shopping done before Ramadhan even begins! I do my baking on weekends after Subuh.

Eid Mubarak.


Dr. Rizalina Bahari

A trained GP turned stay at home mum to 2 young kids.Currently based in Jeddah.I did my medical training in Ireland. Loves experimenting with healthy recipes ,baking,reading,travelling. Challenging myself to keep fit & healthy and learn Quranic Arabic!

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