Life Skill Training and Entrepreneurship Programs for Muslim Women

Life Skill Training and Entrepreneurship Programs for Muslim Women

Education of life skills become increasingly important to be developed in addition to formal education. Why? because of informal skills, we become more resilient and creative to face challenges of life, we do not give up easily as well as we can find solutions of economic problems we face.World Muslimah Foundation (WM-Foundation) is a friendly Muslim organization provides a conceptual model and specific techniques that guide the sisterhood among Muslim to become more communicative and fun in ways that will enhance understanding of Islam and encourage members to be confident to find their essential skills. The organization is based in Jakarta, Indonesia and was legally founded since 2012.

WM-foundation provides a range of capacity building, life skill training, entrepreneurship programs, charity and awareness which dedicate to five categories of Muslim women who live in remote areas, orphanage houses, disasters land field and conflict victim.

They are

  1. Muslim women with less education access
  2. Muslim women who play significant role to be a family back bone mother
  3. Muslim women with high potency, talent but less opportunity
  4. Abandon Muslim women
  5. Refugee Muslim women.
Educate children is one of WM programs  Life Skill Training and Entrepreneurship Programs for Muslim Women wmf foto

Educate children is one of WM programs

WM-Foundation has social programs called MIRACLE (Muslimah Integrated Change on Life Empowerment). MIRACLE is integrated life skill booster programs that provide scholarship access to formal and informal education to advance capability and life skill competences for extending women’s life quality to become more productive yet colorful. It brings experiential learning environment to ensure effectiveness of education and giving them opportunity to gain new career with new competitiveness.

Other program is HOME-CASH (Home Career Assistance & Sisterhood Hospitality). HOME CASH is a simple work life balance concept for misfortunate mothers with infants or toddlers who play the main role as family backbone (main money maker in their family).

WM-Foundation invites you to participate in the sisterhood networks by assisting beneficiary to attain economics’ balanced life, combines their career, children, friends and self into an integrated whole. It puts this effort to develop creative solutions that easy to understand on how to boost productivity at home and how to raise children effectively on the home front for fulfilling and well-balanced life. These programs can be applied in various Muslim countries starting in Indonesia as the pilot project.

If you want to know more about the program click WM-foundation. How to participate, click  here.

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