Magical (Witchcraft) Protection and Remedy…Prophet Muhammad SAW Story

Magical (Witchcraft) Protection and Remedy…Prophet Muhammad SAW Story
Illustration by Raimy Sofyan  Magical (Witchcraft) Protection and Remedy...Prophet Muhammad SAW Story desert Raimy

Illustration by Raimy Sofyan

Prophet Muhammad SAW was lay weak, shivering, with fever. He was seriously ill. Two angels visited the prophet SAW. After the prophet SAW permitted, the two angels came in and sat near him, one was near to his head and the other was near to the feet.

“What happened to him?” asked the angel near the feet of the prophet. The angel kneeling near the head of the prophet SAW replied, “He got magic!” (possessed). “Who did it?”. “Ibn-A’sham Labid.” “Labid which one?”  “Labid Jews.” “Where did he put the magic?”  “He put in a well owned by a family of so and so.”

The prophet was quiet, he could only listen as his body and speech was overtaken. The two angels suggested the prophet SAW ask one of the Sahaba’s to look into the well to burn the medium used for magic by the Jew. After making that suggestion the Angels left.

The next day, the prophet SAW sent ‘Ammar bin Yasir and his friends. When they arrived at the well, the water appeared red as henna water (nail color).  After draining the water from the well, they found a roll bound in a rock which consisted of eleven knots. This was then dried and burnt!

Ammar bin Yasir reported what they found. Then he left. A short moment after this, the angel Gabriel came to the Apostle and recited Surah Al-Falaq. This time the Prophet SAW was able to follow. Allhamdullilah he was cured.

There are four lessons that we can take from Surah Al-Falaq:

  1. Magic is real. In Surah Al-Falaq and Al-Baqarah 102, Allah insists that magic is real and witchcraft is part of magic.
  2. Prophet Muhammad SAW was exposed by magic. As I mentioned in Surah Al-Asr in previous tadabbur that man consists of physical (al-Basyar) and psychology (al-Insan), then all human beings are physically the same, including the Prophet Muhammad SAW. But in psychology (brain, heart and spirit) between prophet and apostles with ordinary human beings are different. Prophets and apostles had a revelation to guide their (human) psychology (please read Surah Al-Kahf [18]: 110). Magic had affected physical of the prophet, not his psychology. Because, prophet is physically similar to other human, prophet also applies sunnatullah that human can be exposed by magic. But psychologically, prophet received protection of Allah SWT, because if they are psychologically affected by magic, then this is a hole for people who are hostile to Islam to say that the words (teachings) emerged from people affected by magic.
  3. One of the lessons of why Prophet Muhammad was exposed to magic is to teach Muslims how to respond when is exposed to magic. There were many events of the prophet, something we may think that is impossible, but the fact is it happened. For example, the prophet forgot raka’ah or praying movement. With the incident, Allah wants to teach us through the Prophet Muhammad SAW about sujud (prostration) sahwi. So is the magic incident exposed to the prophet, to teach us how to respond and out from it. So it is not to diminish his glory and dignity, because all events happened only once in his life, not repetitive.
  4. Surah Al-Falaq covers:
  • Command to ask for protection only to Allah alone, not to the other.
  • There are nasty creatures
  • Time of magic is in the night until dawn
  • There is a female magic actor
  • Medium such as ropes or other object
  • Motives or reasons to bewitch others caused by envy and other ill feelings

5.   Surah Al-Falaq is an antidote to magic. When Surah Al-Falaq is as a medicine (curative), then it also   serves    as a deterrent (preventive). The method is by regularly recite it (dzikr) in the morning, afternoon, and before bed.

And Allaah knows best.

Udo Yamin Majdi

The author completed his bachelor's at the University of Al-Azhar, Cairo. Used to be a chairman of the Forum Lingkar Pena (FLP) Egypt, the Indonesian writers club. Is now living in Indonesia, and published several books, one of them is "Quranic Quotient". He is also a founder and director of Word Smart Center, KIASTRA magazine editor, and Islamic Center bulletin editor in West Java, Indonesia.

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