Make Over Your Performance By Keeping Your Inner Beauty

Make Over Your Performance By Keeping Your Inner Beauty

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful

Many people think that they have the right to dress the way they want, but In Style magazine has written that dressing with style involves more than wearing what we like. Our personal appearance is influenced by our confident attitude and our emotions. The way we look on the outside illustrated what we feel on the inside and the clothes we wear is often determined by our personality, lifestyle, etc.

Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner (clinical psychologist and wardrobe consultant) says that while many of us might think we can hide behind our clothes, what we choose to wear tells others about our innermost selves.

As Muslim women, there are many ways that we can look good. Focus on a few daily habits that will make us look more beautiful without wearing expensive clothes.  As I wrote in a previous article, clothing is one of the aspects that are important in Islam because our religion appreciates good appearance. Our appearance creates a certain message in our minds and to others who see it, (most tribute to our bodies by another person is from the clothes we wear) because the way we dress will reflect our personality, status, or even our way of life.

Muslims are required to pay attention to their appearance, making sure that their clothing is beautiful and clean, especially when dealing with others and when performing the prayers, as the Qur’an states, “Children of Adam, wear your best clothes to every mosque.” ( Al-A‛raaf, 7:31)

Allah, Subhanahu wa Ta’ala, has permitted people to wear nice clothes and to display a good appearance, as doing so is one aspect of remembering Allah’s blessings upon them.

Muslim women have to maintain their personal appearance and style by wearing appropriate clothing and by wearing veils in designs that align with Islamic principles.  When doing so we can walk out of our homes confident and comfortable in our hijabs. Islamic manners of dressing, however, vary from one person to another depending on many factors, including one’s culture and social position.

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Fifi- my sister

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Eat, give charity and wear clothes. Let no extravagance or pride be mixed with what you do.” (Sunan An-Nasaa’ee: 2559).

In actuality, looking beautiful all the time does not require a lot of cost if you regularly perform body treatments with what you have in your kitchen, practice good habits like smiling, and avoid bad habit like eating unhealthy food and always wear clean and suitable clothing.

A make over performance will end up good or bad depending on what we do to change our performance. We can’t deny that the use of cosmetics and expensive fabrics can change one’s appearance, but the changes will be more apparent if we change our behavior and wear clothes that are appropriate to our place and time.

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Prilly- my friend

In addition to smiling as a sign of our gratitude to Allah, we can avoid being rude, and talking softly can be a make-over performance that can make us more beautiful. The clothes you choose are sending a message to those around you, but you also are sending a message.

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Rini- my friend

Much like a glass filled with something, the glass will be identified by its contents. When the contents of the glass are good, everything contained within it will be good. This is where the importance of our good character is important because our inner beauty will appear. Good morals will be reflected in a good appearance.

The Prophet (PBUH) said: “Truly you are the best of the best of his character.” (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim)

Therefore, it is appropriate for every Muslim woman to practice good morals in the choice of their clothing, accessories and jewelry. The inner beauty will show up in your face and make both your appearance and performance beautiful. Al Jamal (beauty) is Jamal Ar-ruuh (the inner beauty). Whoever you are and whatever you wear in an Islamic way, on appropriate occasions and with good character and morals, your beauty will show up in your entire appearance.

May Allah always keep  us Muslim Women who are always on the straight path of Allah.

Allahumma Aamiin.

Qathrun Nada Djamil

A wife and a mother of 4 children. Lives at Jeddah-Saudi Arabia.Graduated from faculty of Law-University of Indonesia, Jakarta-Indonesia. Finished diploma of Business English at Business Training Limited -England

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