Miss World Muslimah 2012 Ready To Pass On The Baton

Miss World Muslimah 2012 Ready To Pass On The Baton

Nina Septiani, Miss World Muslimah 2012 is ready to pass on the torch of representing the Muslim Women around the world to the next Miss World Muslimah 2013.

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2012 Ms. World Muslimah

Jakarta Indonesia – Exactly September 2012 Nina Septiani smiled a wide smile when Dika Restyani (Muslimah Beauty Winner 2011) placed the Crown of Modesty on her head.  Her smile has remained the same, just this year she will be the one to place the Crown of Modesty on her replacement.

“At that time I was extremely happy to win.  Especially being chosen to as the representative for the Muslim sisters. Now it is time that a new representative should take over and continue what we started”  (per the interview at fX Sudirman, Jakarta Tuesday Sept, 10, 2013)

For the past year being the Representative for Muslim Women around the world, Nina admitted that she learned many new things and experienced new things as well. Starting from seeing the lives of other muslims who aren’t as lucky as herself.  She also experienced life in the limelight filled with critics and the prying eyes of the public.

“I still need to learn so much! Being a Muslim woman there are barriers” says Nina who is just a mere 23 years old.

 Some of the experience that she faced was the intense scrutiny of being a Muslim woman, on how she acted, dressed, spoke, how she wore her hijab and how she carried herself.  This scrutiny proved to be quite overwhelming.

Some also asked questions about the religious aspects of Islam, and if I know I would answer but some questions needed to be answered by someone who is an Ulama.

As Ms. Nina graduated from Al Azhar University in Public Relations in 2011 she admittedly did research about Muslimah’s lives.  And who knew that she would complete this research during her reining period?

This year will be different from the previous competitions in which prior the focus  was on the Muslimah Beauty, this year will focus on social and charitable missions.

With these changes, therefore the role of the Representative of the Global Muslim woman will be to benefit more people.  Also this year the finalists have increase as interest has increase.

Even though I am passing on the Crown to the next World Muslimah 2013 winner Nina say she will still stay on to complete several engagements that have already been set up.

The finalist event of World Muslimah will occur at the Balai Sarbini, Jakarta, Selatan, September 18, 2013.   Please join us to support the event by voting here.

By Rahman Indra




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