Muslimah Deen | Surah Al – Asr Part 2

Muslimah Deen | Surah Al – Asr Part 2
Illustration by AA Sumadri  Muslimah Deen | Surah Al - Asr Part 2 zamzam tower aa sumadri

Illustration by AA Sumadri

In the previous article (Muslimah Deen | Surah Al – Asr Part 1) we mentioned two of the five lessons that we can take in surah Al-Asr. This second part discusses three next lessons to be learned.  [You can refer back to the first lesson here]

Now on to the 3rd lesson…

3. Everyone who keep his/her humanity either insany (spiritual), basyary (physics) and an-nas (social), will experience growth and development. As proof: Humans because of their intelligence could then fly. Imitating birds by creating a plane. Humans can swim and dive copying fish by creating ships. Humans imitated a snake movement by creating trains, and so on.

However, if the mental and physical development is not accompanied by heart (spiritual) development people kill, hate, hurt, and dzalim each other and so forth. The human is smart, but its heart is empty of human value​​.  So the body is human, but it behaves like animals: wild as a wolf, cunning as snakes, greedy like monkeys, following passions like pigs, and so on.

Therefore, God tells us, though humans have culture and high civilization materially i.e. advance malls, building sky scratcher, outstanding transportation, and so on, if their hearts are not humans (behave like not human being), then they are still losers (husrin).

4. In order to return human heart to its essence as a spiritual human being, aka saved from loss, both in this world and in the hereafter, so God gives solution i.e. faith and pious charity. Human beliefs and actions must be based on the guidance of the Creator of man, i.e. Allah. Therefore, when people are satisfied with its potential without involving God, then man would lose his nature.

5. Set of beliefs (faith) and action guidelines (sholah charity) we call it religion (deen). Essence of the deen is advice. Therefore, in surah Al-‘Asr, Allah affirmed that we are encouraged one another to truth and patience. In a hadith, the advice applies to God, the Book (Quran), the apostles, the leaders of Muslims, and all Muslims.

Well, have we become whole human beings who pay attention to the actual or spiritual needs (al-insan), physical needs (al-basyar) and social needs (an-nas)? Have we believed and done pious as Allah and His apostles taught? Have we implemented that ad-dienun nasihah (religion is an advice)?

Wallahu a’lam

Udo Yamin Majdi

The author completed his bachelor's at the University of Al-Azhar, Cairo. Used to be a chairman of the Forum Lingkar Pena (FLP) Egypt, the Indonesian writers club. Is now living in Indonesia, and published several books, one of them is "Quranic Quotient". He is also a founder and director of Word Smart Center, KIASTRA magazine editor, and Islamic Center bulletin editor in West Java, Indonesia.

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