Muslimah…do we receive haram properties?

Muslimah…do we receive haram properties?

Dear Muslimah..

Find that haram wealth is should be returned to the right people…

Not wherewithal, because it will not be accepted by Allah SWT.

If somebody stole property from Fulan, or inheritance belong to Fulan. .. he/she should we receive haram properties? landscape

illustration by A.A. Sumadri

return it to Fulan.

Not wherewithal or arbitrarily give to others….

Prophet Muhammad said,

“Don’t you admire people who stretch his/her arms shed blood.

At the sight of Allah he/she is a killer who is not dead…

Do not also you admire people who get property with unlawful way…

Indeed, when he/she spends his/hers, or give it as a charity then it will not be accepted by Allah SWT, and when it is stored it will not be blessed.  If it is left then his/her property would be his/hers in Hell (Hadits narrated by Abu Dawood).

O Muslimah …

Should Muslims do not want to we receive haram properties? arrow undelivered heritage, because stolen property, as a result of cunning and deceptive just makes us go to the Fire. Everybody that grows out of haram (food) then the fire of hell is more foremost to burn him/her (Narrated Ath-Thabrani).



(Hopefully الله give us with His goodness and grace) .. wassalam

Onyai Chas

The author has 3 kids named Vega Monadelia, Delia Rabeekha Angiani, and RaZacky Shalihaque. She lives in Mecca and Jakarta. She is from West Sumatra (Payakumbuh / Padang) and she received Bachelor of Law/Notary. She enjoys writing fiction and short religious messages.

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