Muslimah Style: Functionality & Style – Yes, it can happen!

Muslimah Style: Functionality & Style – Yes, it can happen!

Accessories compliment fashion giving it a finished look. However, in some cases of the Hijabi, accessories are also a function.  There is also a school of thought in which there are 3 functionalities:

  • To Decorate
  • To Compliment (add to)
  • For functionality, decoration and style.
Illustration by Tina Amalia  Muslimah Style: Functionality & Style - Yes, it can happen! accessories

Illustration by Tina Amalia


Decorate is one of accessories functions. It contains necklace, bracelet, earrings, pins decorative for hoods, etc..


In addition to decorate, there are also several kinds of accessories as complement, such as stockings and shoes.

Functionality, Decorate and Complement

Accessories included in this group are pins, handbags, sunglasses, scarf, belts, scarves, etc..

To look stylish, make sure that we do not wear too much accessories or too plain. Besides, we must wear accessories according to our body shape, time, event and should be harmony.

Information below may become your reference to wear.

Daily Wear:

  • You can wear 2-3 cm heel shoes made of fabric / leather
  • Use bag made of fabric / knit / leather and short / long strap
  • If you want, you can add simple jewelry

Formal Wear:

  • Choose a soft / neutral color
  • For shoes, wear 3-5 cm heels leather, and can be thick heels
  • Use leather bags, classic, and short rope are more appropriate
  • Wear stocking with skin color or a darker tone 
  • To look fancier, add simple and classic jewelry.

Party Events

  • For party, you may wear shoes with 5-10 cm eligible pointy heels
  • Combine with shiny handbags, and
  • Jewelry sparkling glamor.

However, don’t forget to remain shar’i. If the party is mixed between men and women, not too attractive appearance is preferred.

Farah Diana Djamil

Farah Diana Djamil is a Muslimah entrepreneur who has experience in fashion and beauty. She, who has completed her Master degree, has a training center named Farahdi Center in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The Center focuses on Muslimah modelling, class of personality, creations of veils, dressmaking, cosmetology, presenter, Muslim wedding, interpersonal and communication skills, as well as training for stewardess. Her email is

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