My Ramadan Diary Wish List.

My Ramadan Diary Wish List.

Marhabah ya Ramadan!

Subhannallah. It’s already day 8 going on to day 9. It’s 1:27 am. I have been trying to find time to share my story but due to the late hour of Maghrib and the close proximity to Isha and Taraweh it has not been easy finding the time.  I am right now eating into the window of sleeping prior to Suhur!  But… I just wanted to share what has been happening on my side of the woods which is on uh… the eastern seaboard of the U.S of A..

So…Although Mecca is a long way from here, the Masjid is just 10 minutes away! As usual our local masjid has brought the Imam from Morocco who has an amazing recitation voice.  So our usual plan is to have our iftar, pray Maghrib at the home then 1 hour later we head over to the Masjid to pray Isha and Taraweh.  Since the 1st day of Ramadhan, Al-hamdullilah, we have had guests, friends, and the Imam over for Iftar so it has been warm and amazing to see all of the people we don’t get to see usually!  We get to break our fast together, pray and then head over to the Masjid together and continue to praying Taraweh.  Allhamdullilah.

Here are some of my struggles:

  • Weaning off coffee.
  • Time to read Qur’an more.
  • Spend quality time with the family
  • Keeping a dunia schedule.  Working full time in a non-Muslim environment is rough.
  • Writing. 🙂
  • I can’t wrap my head around how fast time is moving!

My love:

  • Ramadhan is an amazing and special month and my heart feels so sad that it will end soon.
  • Breaking fast.  I think having Iftars are my favorite thing.  
  • Going to Taraweh
  • Knowing that I am struggling to fix my inner self.

What I wish:

  • To have a month off from dunia work.

Here are some photo’s 🙂

Iftar aMuslima  My Ramadan Diary Wish List. IMG 7083IMG_7086  My Ramadan Diary Wish List. IMG 7086IMG_7093  My Ramadan Diary Wish List. IMG 7093IMG_7099  My Ramadan Diary Wish List. IMG 7099 


Ummzaytun represents versatility as it is the Mother of Olives. The Olive fruit is an extremely durable, versatile and delectable fruit. It is the base of many foods yet it can also be the centerpiece. I love this name because in many ways it represents me. With the graciousness of Allah SWT I am blessed to be a wife, a mother of two wonderful boys (Masha Allah!), a family Chef, completed my MBA, got a great career and now have The opportunities that have been presented to me up till this point have all been self indulgent however this time around the opportunity is to serve and give back to my sisters in Islam and empower them with stories, life experiences and a warm community experience. I welcome all sisters from all nations to join and be a part of this exciting community.Bismillah~Ummzaytun

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